Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey Y'all!

I went to see Dr. Sherri yesterday and she told me I'm really really tall! 26 inches to be exact! But I'm average weight (12 lbs, 13 oz.), and my head is really big. She said something about me being in the 90 percentile for "head circum.."-something and for length. I'm 50 percentile for weight. So I'm skinny, tall and have a big head.

She also gave me 3 shots. Pretty Lady said it's for my own good, but it was a big ouchie, and I felt kinda icky afterwards. I just sorta moaned, and eventually fell asleep. I'm feeling better now.
This is me about a month ago. Fuzzy Face isn't very good at uploading pictures. Pretty Lady bugs him a lot about it, and he says he will, and then he forgets. I forget stuff sometimes too. It happens.

I haven't read Harry Potter yet. Right now I'm working on a fascinating book called "Colors". It starts off with Yellow, then moves on to Blue, and then my favorite part... PURPLE! It's a good book.

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