Friday, May 28, 2010


My plans for this holiday weekend are to wake up really early. Then, walk over to Mommy and Daddy, wake them up, and then play. I usually try to get up around 6:15am... but sometimes I'll make it to 7:00am on a weekend.

But this weekend I'm hoping to make the most of having Mommy at home instead of work. She's been moving kinda slow lately since Baby 2 is getting bigger in her belly. I keep telling her, "Baby 2 has to come out!" But it hasn't yet. Not for a little while longer.

Since she works a lot, I thought I would put our weekend plans into Corporate Agenda Form. I'm wondering how my performance plan will turn out.

Here is my agenda for the weekend:
6:15AM- Wake up
6:20AM- Laugh at my messed up hair
6:30AM- Poke Daddy and ask him for something to eat.
6:45AM- Poke Mommy and her for something to eat.
7:30AM- Put favorite "Don't Stop Believin'" Santa t-shirt in the wash because I spilled jam and some juice on it.
8:00AM- Play with Mr. Tater Head
Continue until I get hungry again.
12:00PM - Lunch!
1:00PM- Rest. But not nap. I'm getting too old for naps (I think.)
2:00PM- Play with Dolly, Elmo, and make some eggs in Sadie's Diner.
3:00PM- Poke Daddy for food again.
3:30PM- Make Mommy sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider Song" for the 16th time.
4:00PM- Practice lacrosse with Daddy with my "Fiddle Stix". (I'm good at the behind the shoulder throw. Dad was really impressed when I did this. Mom wasn't. I was inside and my ball almost hit the computer.)
And play with Mommy for the rest of the day until I fall asleep around 8:30PM.
That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There Are Only 3 Things You Need for Summer...

1. You need a really awesome sundress.

2. Proper footwear is imperative. I personally like sandals or flip-flops.

3. A big inner tube. Mommy wouldn't let us take this home. So I ended up with a bouncy ball. The ball is also okay, but for the record, if your Mommy will buy you an inner tube, take her up on the offer.

P.S. If you have really soft and white skin like me, wear sunscreen. Daddy said he didn't do this when he was in Costa Rica and it was a "really, really bad idea". He also said Mommy reminds him of this whenever it gets sunny and he wants to go golfing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dogs Freak Me Out.

Not ALL dogs, just the ones that bark a lot. I like Cleo (seen here). She's quiet and kind. She doesn't jump around a lot and she's pretty mellow. But Mason & Dixon... I call them "Barkies". They are loud and crazy. They jump on me, and I don't like it.

I have issues with cats too, but I think they are growing on me. The neighborhood cat at home is HUGE. Like a puma. But Uncle Eric and Aunt Aimee have a sweet little cat named Gizmo, and I like talking to him. I'd say hello, ask him if he liked my pretty dress, and I said to him, "Gizmo, I love you." He's a good cat.

But you know what really cracks me up? This car ad with the hamsters. I haven't seen them in person, but whenever this ad comes on, I laugh hysterically.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ocean is very big....

And I am very small.

I've been so busy finishing up the year at preschool I haven't had a chance to post my goodies from my trip to Savannah. One of the highlights was seeing The Ocean for the first time. My Mom kept talking about The Ocean and I've been reading a book about it since I was really little. It talks about sand, and waves, and seagulls.

So I put on a pretty sundress for the event and we headed out to Tybee Island. And then I saw it. The Ocean is really big. I mean, super huge!!! I thought it was going to be like a big bathtub or maybe like when I was at the Aquarium, but no, it was way, WAY bigger than that. And you sink into the sand on the beach too. Mommy was nice enough to carry me towards the water because I thought I was going to get sucked into the center of the Earth.

Then, when we reached the water, the waves kept coming to get me! Nobody mentioned this part. Just when I thought it was safe, it tried to grab me again. Uncle Eric tried to make me feel better about it by dancing a little in the water, but I ended up running the other way. *Blush*

Here's a video of my first Ocean experience.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I LOVE Mommy's iPhone...

I use it to watch Sesame Street and learn what the Word of the Day is (like habitat, penguins and my recent favorite - family).

So I asked Mom if I could borrow her iPhone. She said no.

So I smiled and said, "Please?"

Still no.

Then I smiled really, really big. But then it hurt my face.

Still a no-go.

Then I used this face.

And it worked!