Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There Are Only 3 Things You Need for Summer...

1. You need a really awesome sundress.

2. Proper footwear is imperative. I personally like sandals or flip-flops.

3. A big inner tube. Mommy wouldn't let us take this home. So I ended up with a bouncy ball. The ball is also okay, but for the record, if your Mommy will buy you an inner tube, take her up on the offer.

P.S. If you have really soft and white skin like me, wear sunscreen. Daddy said he didn't do this when he was in Costa Rica and it was a "really, really bad idea". He also said Mommy reminds him of this whenever it gets sunny and he wants to go golfing.

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  1. Always, but always, coordinate your gigundo inner tube with your pretty sundress. It'd be Rule #4, but it's kind of tacitly understood.


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