Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Word From Sadie:

Did you know my parents had a life before me?

I didn't. I thought everything started when I came on the scene about 2.7 years ago. But apparently, Mommy and Daddy had completely different identities before I was born. They even have codenames - Mommy is Stephanie (it rhymes with Sesame, as in the Street) and Daddy is Charlie. I did not know this. This is opening up a whole new world to me. I've been practicing Daddy's code name. Apparently, I am supposed to use this in case of an emergency.

I thought my parents were ALWAYS together. But apparently that's a myth too. Story on the street is that they got married 5 years ago! Their anniversary is TOMORROW and check out these photos I uncovered.


They even had a cake topper that looks like them!

I wonder what else they haven't told me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I went on a HAYRIDE!!!

Mommy took Thursday and Friday off for her birthday and so she could come with me to playschool for the hayride. She said a lot of her friends thought it was crazy that she would hang out with 12 toddlers, but we were pretty well behaved. Well, until Natalie picked up some hay and we thought it would be fun to throw it around. The video is a little wobbly because the trailer was bumping around, Mommy was holding on to me, and well... I did this...

Here's a still picture of me.

However, I did not see The Great Pumpkin while we were out there. Still workin' on that one.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sadie the Astronaut....

Mommy sometimes goes over to the National Air and Space Museum for work stuff, and she brings home cool things for me. She bought me Violet the Pilot and Sadie the Air Mail Pilot, and both are very, very good. I highly recommend them.

But I'm thinking of doing bigger and better things. Like, going to space and walking on the moon. A few months ago, Mommy actually met an astronaut named Alan Bean. He was the fourth guy to walk on the moon. He's an artist too, which makes him even more cool. I also think Buzz Aldrin is pretty neat. I like his name.


Friday, October 16, 2009

An Open Letter to My Parents...

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

You took away my Pack n' Play and I objected. You made me sleep in my bedroom and I didn't like it. I thought I made my feelings clear about this whole sleeping situation. But let my clarify...
IT'S ON!!!

No more sleep for you! The Wild Rumpus started last night at 11:45pm and it will continue every night until I have my Pack n' Play back. I will pee on my sleeping bag if I have too. I will sleep on the couch if I must - but I won't sleep in my big girl bed.

Ernie - my teddy bear seen here, and I will continue to hold your sleeping patterns hostage until you give in to my request.

I'll even crawl into your bed in the middle of the night, kick Daddy to the couch and make myself comfy until you comply. It will continue on weekends and weekdays. This isn't over until I say so.

(and I do mean SINCERELY,)

Sadie Angelica

I am desperate for Mommy's new iPhone. Don't make me steal it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is how we do it....

I might have been a little harsh on Daddy's singing on my previous blog entry. It's just that Skin-A-Marinky-Doo is a classic in my opinion, and his interpretation didn't float my boat.

Since I've started preschool, I've learned even more songs. I've always been a fan of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, but it is much better in a group setting. And the choreography is awesome!

But Mom mentioned this new CD that we are probably going to get called Go Waggaloo! It's by some lady named Sarah Lee Guthrie. Her dad's name is Arlo and her Grandpa's name is Woody. Apparently they are really famous and as Mom put it, "Part of an American Legacy". Whatever. I like their tunes. They sound like a lot of fun. As they put it, they make music that "doesn't make you want to jump out of a mini-van."

This is a photo of Sophie Irion, Sarah Lee's daughter, recording for Smithsonian Folkways. I wonder if Daddy will let me build a recording studio in the basement. I would sing barefoot too.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally... a video of ME!!!

Mommy got an iPhone for her birthday and she started taking video of me. This is when we were dropping her off at the train the other day. I had a busy day planned, but then Dad wanted to sing Skidamarinky-doo to me. I love my Daddy, but Mom sings it better. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, if you watch this video, you'll see how I feel about Daddy's singing. I love the guy, and he's great with lots of other things - like making me laugh, and being patient with me even when I'm not patient with him. But as for his singing...

Monday, October 5, 2009

I want my Pack n' Play back!!!!!

I went to the book exchange yesterday with Daddy and when I came home, it was GONE! I love my Pack n' Play. It's where I sleep. Why do I sleep there? Well, it all started when I'd spew a lot. It was the back-up to my crib. So when Mommy and Daddy would be cleaning up my crib, I would go back to sleep in my Pack n' Play. The added bonus was that I could hear Mom and Dad chit chat while I was going to sleep. It was fun to listen in on their conversations.

But then my crib magically turned into a big girl bed one day. But I didn't want to sleep in that room. I liked being in the family room with Mom and Dad. But Mom kept talking about going to sleep in my big girl bed but I told her, "I says NO!" and I meant it.

Well, then weird stuff started happening. I would go to sleep in my Pack n' Play and magically wake up in my big girl bed. What's up with that? How did I get there? I was confused.

But then, my Pack n' Play totally DISAPPEARED on Sunday! Last night, proving to Mom and Dad that I did NOT want to sleep in my bed.... I slept on the floor. We got my sleeping bag and my Ladybuggie pillow and I slept in front of my big girl bed. Then to make sure Mom and Dad understood how unhappy I was about our current situation, I woke up at Midnight and 3AM and yelled because it was dark and I was NOT. IN. MY. PACK N' PLAY.

Let's see how long they can handle my midnight chaos. I may just crawl into their bed and kick them over and over again.

This is me in my happier days: