Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Daddy,

This is a late Father's Day present. I was surfing on YouTube for cool videos and I found this one and thought of you. We've been through a lot together, and now that I'm two years old it may seem like I don't need you as much. But I do. And I love that you still make funny faces and dance to keep me in a good mood. You are a most awesome dad!!!


P.S. Thanks for letting me watch the Sesame Street Dinosaurs DVD on the way home from Gettysburg yesterday. I like the "STOMP! STOMP! Now Rooooaaarrr" Song!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can you do this with your tongue?

I didn't think so!

Mommy tried to do it and couldn't.

Uncle Eric tried it and couldn't do it.

Uncle Bryce tried it and couldn't do it.

Then we looked at my Daddy.

It's a special trait we share.

Grampa and Nainie are here!!!

They live in Savannah, Georgia so it isn't often that they come up here to hang out with me. Usually, I have to talk to them on the phone, which isn't the same as seeing them in person.

So far we've gone to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and were in the hot blazen' sun for a good chunk of the time. Mommy has a bit of a sunburn. But we listened to a Welsh storyteller, and he was cool... but he talked funny. I'm still learning my words, but the words I knew didn't sound the same as when he said them.

Anyway, here's some old pictures of me from my birthday in March with Grampa and my new kitchen. He didn't know how to make imaginary stew, so I showed him how. I cut up some carrots, shredded some cheese, tossed in a few mushrooms and put some water in and let it simmer.

It was a vegetarian stew.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy had his tonsils out...

...and something called a deviated septum fixed in his nose. I would think this would be fun because he gets to eat popsicles, ice cream, and my favorite: YOGURT! (I call it Logurt, cause I like to be different.) But it turns out, Daddy feels really, really icky. He's sleepy from stuff the doctor gave him, and he doesn't want me anywhere near his nose. Plus, he sneezed earlier today, and he looked like he hurt himself really badly. Poor Daddy.

I spent a lot of time with Nana and Poppy at first when Daddy had his surgery. I wasn't really sure why I slept over their house for TWO whole days in a row. But then when I got back home, I noticed Daddy was a bit swollen, kinda bloody, and looked like he got into a fight with a big, tough gang of toddlers.

I'll be honest. I occasionally have moments where I just like to swat my parents in the face if I don't get my way. I guess this freaks Daddy out right now. He's been sleeping a lot so Mommy and I have been playing together. We've watched Sesame Street DVD's, she read some stories to me, and she gave me extra mac n' cheese to keep me quiet. I think Daddy is afraid that he'll wake up and see this: