Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mommy is keeping me from the computer!!!!

I want to play with Elmo, and I usually do it on the Sesame Street website. Then I can watch only Elmo videos or only Abby Cadabby videos, depending on my mood. But now she and Daddy think I'm a little too into the computer. All I do is run up to it, point and yell, "ELMO!" But they were getting worried that I wouldn't play like the other kids. So, now I'm trying to prove to them that I can play like a normal kid. I play with my Ball Popper, then I run around with my pushy Lion, and then I look at a few books... but I really like the computer. A lot. Then Mommy said she was worried that I would end up a teenager with relationships like this one:

My revenge...

Since Mommy and Daddy won't let me near the computer... I have come up with my own plan.

They started limiting the computer about 2 weeks ago. Apparently they haven't noticed that since they started monitoring my computer time, I have "conveniently" started waking up at 4:30 AM and then proceed to yell. Sometimes they so desperate for sleep now, they plop me in their bed and hope I'll go back to sleep. Instead, I stand up, look down at him, and say, "Hi, Daddy!"

I'm going to see how long I can keep doing this until they give me back my Elmo Time.

Now Mommy is trying to limit my TV Time too!!!

Not cool, Mommy. Not cool.

I'll see you at 4:30AM.... on Thanksgiving Day so you can't sleep in.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Santa,

I've heard you are really influential in the toddler age group. I know Christmas is coming up and that you are currently writing you NAUGHTY and NICE list. I'd like to point out that I've really tried to be a good kid this year. I'm friendly, open to new people, and I share. But when I go to Storytime at the library, I notice that some kids aren't like this. I find it sad. They grab other kid's toys and don't care what other people think.

Their Mommy and Daddy don't teach them manners, or how to get along with other people. My Mommy says that manners show that you care about people. But she also said that some parents don't think that's very important. It's a priority in our family. She said some parents can get lazy, and don't teach their kids how to be nice.

So, Santa, the reason I'm writing is to ask you to look at your NAUGHTY and NICE list, and make sure everyone is where they should be. Mommy calls it karma, I just think it's important to be fair.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Did you know....

...sneezes regularly exceed 100 miles per hour? I find that fascinating!!!! I always laugh after I sneeze 'cause it just seems like such a funny thing. That's my science bit for the day. Now I'm off to watch some cartoons...

I was looking over my Christmas List last night before bed...

...because I wanted to get Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Poppy, Grandpa, Nainie, Grandma, Uncle Bryce, Uncle Eric, and my teddy bear Edison Jackson Bear, IV really cool Christmas presents. So I counted my pennies, punched a few numbers into my calculator, and.... realized what Mommy meant by an "Economic Recession Caused by Greed on Wall Street and Extreme Globalization."



Guess I'm going to be making some homemade gifts this year. But they will be made with love. Time to get my Crayons out of my artbox....

The Official Halloween Picture for 2008

It is not my style to sit still. I just don't do it. But I did for this one photo so everybody could see me in my Leprechaun costume for Halloween. You'll see this hat often. I like wearing it when I get all creative on my Fisher-Price Piano. That's when I rock out like Elton John.
But this is me. Halloween, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Now this is the sign of a leader...

But he seems kind of like a dictator, and that might not work in my department when I become the Head of the Office of Toddler Affairs at the White House. I'm more of a collaborator. I'm putting his application in the "Maybe" pile

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mommy is turning into a geek again...

The new trailer for the next Harry Potter movie came out, and Mommy is getting all excited again. You can see an HD version on the Leaky Cauldron. When Harry Potter movies come out, I end up spending time with Nana and Poppy while my parents go out on a date night. She was really, really mad when the WB bumped the movie until this summer. She was really looking forward to that date night. I heard my parents really liked going to bookstores on date nights before I was born. They even met when they were both working in a bookstore a long time ago. Mommy told me they fell in love in the Travel Section. They took me along with them to the bookstore where they met when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out in July of 2007. We stayed up WAY past my bedtime. I fell asleep in the Romance section (it was crowded and that section was quiet.) When we got home Mommy took this picture of me and Harry with her cell phone. I was about 4 months old. She said she plans to get me my own set of books when I'm old enough. Some of her copies are falling apart already. She reads them a lot. And then she reads other books ABOUT Harry Potter. Like books about how Harry Potter relates to International Relations, and Science, and Moral Decisions, and even Psychology.

My mommy is a big nerd.

(but I love her anyway.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I find this autumn season to be invigorating...

I've been blogging, and playing. Sometimes I'm dancing. I'm practicing my words. I sometimes throw things just for fun. I take all the books off the shelf. I rearrange furniture (to make it more feng shui). I hide in closets. I like grabbing Mommy's purse and running around with it. I unzip Daddy's work bag. I eat crunchies. I throw crunchies on the ground. I drink from a cup. I spill stuff that's in my cup. I take my pants off. I take my diaper off. I yell. I laugh. I pout. I sneeze. Icky stuff comes out of my nose when I sneeze. I pull my socks off. I lose at least one sock per day. I want to play with Daddy's keys. I flop around when I'm tired. I nap. I don't want a nap. I want my blankie. I don't want to be in the pack n' play. I watch Sesame Street. I yell, "Elmo!" and "Abby!" I put my jammies on. I take my jammie pants off. I accidentally break the handle off of Mommy's mug. I smile. I show off my bellybutton. I poke Daddy's bellybutton. I give Mommy kisses. I hug Daddy (sometimes I run into him and then hug him). I fall down. I slip on stuff. I tap dance in my cool sneakers. I do a lot.

Apparently, this makes Daddy very, very tired.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yeah, my Uncle is a soldier...

I've had a lot of Obama on here lately... but my Uncle is also a U.S. soldier and I miss him a lot. He's at Fort Bliss in Texas right now, and was in the Middle East earlier this year. We don't know when he'll be sent back again. He's been stop-loss'd. I asked Mommy what that means, and she said that Uncle Eric volunteered 4 years ago, and that when he was supposed to leave this April. But then the Army said, "Nope, we aren't letting you." So he has to stay and put all of his plans for graduate school on hold. I think that's really mean of the Army to do that. But I still love my Uncle Eric and want him to come home soon.

Happy Veteran's Day to my Uncle Eric and to all of his friends!

It's not easy keeping up with this blog...

I'm always begging Daddy to upload my pictures because he has the program at work. But when he goes to work, he's really busy. But then I also have to come up with other photos, new websites, videos, and then there's my side projects: Barefoot Books and The Toddler Political Movement... giving toddlers the right to vote. But here's a run through of how I do this blog. I've been doing it since I was born. It was exhausting at first because being an infant is overwhelming. But I've added more little widgets and stuff as I've grown.

I write out my thoughts during Jeopardy...

...because some of the topics on that show are a little boring. Well, I think they are boring. They never do a Sesame Street topic. Or a Nursery Tale topic. I'm going to write to Alex Trebek about that.

I also look for good videos...

like this one. This video was the Obama campaign lip-syncing to the Les Miserables song "One Day More". Ed encourages me to be a bit political now and then.

Then I type my thoughts into my blog...

They don't make keyboards for little fingers. I might contact Bill Gates about that.

Then I push PUBLISH...

And I'm done with that entry. Then I go over to Sesame Street and look at some videos. I'm still deciding who is cooler... Elmo or Abby Cadabby. I just got some cool Elmo pajamas, so I'm on a bit of an Elmo kick right now.

I am also the Head of Internet Marketing for Barefoot Books...

Whenever you to go to this website, I'm the one that writes the little family info. I also choose which books to highlight for the month. A lot of people don't know that. They think Mommy does it. But here's proof it's me.

After all that blogging...

... Ed and I play Magazine Editor where I publish a magazine for political toddlers seeking the right to vote. I hope President Obama asks me to head up his Office of Toddler's Affairs. I did apply for the job. This is the page for the Bush Administration... but word in Toddlerville is that he wasn't very interested in hiring toddlers, which I found discouraging. He also didn't make family issues very high on his agenda. President Obama has outlined his thoughts on family issues. His views would give working parents more time and flexibility to be with their toddlers and that's really cool.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He looks nice...

Mommy and her friends are really happy this morning. I think this "President" thing sounds kinda cool. It might be a good career move for me. Sadiebug for President ~ 2048!

I wonder if Springsteen could play at my Inaugural Ball.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yeah, I voted (sorta).

This is the t-shirt my Uncle Bryce gave me awhile ago. Isn't it awesome? Mommy had me vote with Daddy to make sure he did it right. She wanted me to check that he voted for the right person. If he didn't, I was supposed to grab his red baseball hat and throw it on the ground. Mommy and I speak a secret code.

Sometimes they disagree on who to vote for, but there was no arguing in the house this time around. They call it "Dixie Chicks-ing" because it all started when a member of the Dixie Chicks said something nasty about Texas and Mom and Dad disagreed about whether the Chick should have done that or not. They argued about it for a long, long time. So whenever they disagree in politics... it's a Dixie Chick! One of them shouts it, and then the issue has to be dropped because they will never agree. It's funny to watch.

I also want to state one other thing: I'm still mad that toddlers aren't allowed to vote. It wasn't even on the ballot this time around! It better be next election day, or I'm going contact all my toddler friends and we are going to start a non-profit.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I know you all want to see my Halloween pictures...

I have more, but I have to wait for Daddy to upload them from the camera. But these are from Nana.... I didn't like wearing my hat. It felt funny. Actually the belt felt kind of funny too. I also fell asleep before The Great Pumpkin arrived.

I tried to give out luck to anyone who would take it. And so, I'm sending luck to you too!!! Can you feel it? It kinda tingles. I also might use this outfit at Christmas as the Long & Foster Christmas Elf. (The market is a little down, and I think I can stir up more business as their mascot.)

Mommy might be crafty enough to make people...

... but she really isn't so good at knitting. I'm still waiting for my blue sweater. This is my blog entry to remind her to get on that, or else I'll be trying it on next spring.