Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mommy is keeping me from the computer!!!!

I want to play with Elmo, and I usually do it on the Sesame Street website. Then I can watch only Elmo videos or only Abby Cadabby videos, depending on my mood. But now she and Daddy think I'm a little too into the computer. All I do is run up to it, point and yell, "ELMO!" But they were getting worried that I wouldn't play like the other kids. So, now I'm trying to prove to them that I can play like a normal kid. I play with my Ball Popper, then I run around with my pushy Lion, and then I look at a few books... but I really like the computer. A lot. Then Mommy said she was worried that I would end up a teenager with relationships like this one:

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  1. Gotta admit at this point, I could really use a parent around to tell me not to use the computer so much....Being an adult is hard....


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