Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My mixed feelings about preschool...

Halloween was insane at preschool! Everyone was dressed up. They threw out the schedule and the rules. And it was anarchy! So, I threw something across the room during the chaos. And it hit Lucie.

Lucie cried. I was sad. Miss Bridget made me apologize. I didn't want to. And never wanted to go to preschool again.

I told Dad. I told Mom. I am NOT going to preschool. They kept making me go.

Until this morning, when I put my foot down and wouldn't leave the car. I REFUSED to go. I even hid in each corner of the car so Dad couldn't reach me. Miss Bridget tried to get me out. Miss Shannon made an effort. I was NOT going to preschool.

Dad gave up, and we drove about 10 minutes. And then I thought, "But what if I miss something at preschool that would be really great?"

I told Dad I was ready to go to school. So he turned the car around and he led me into the room. And it's a good thing I went back. Because if I hadn't.... I wouldn't have an AWESOME Turkey Hat with my name on it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Round-Up!

Friday was the Halloween parade at preschool. We all got dressed up and showed off our outfits. I was a beautiful orange butterfly.

But I think Taylor had the best costume. I thought she should be careful if she should meet the Big Bad Wolf.  She looked yummy!

Georgie got dressed up too! She's a cute pumpkin... but I think the whole Halloween thing confused her.

Ellicott City was packed with people! I saw a lot of princesses, a banana, a chicken, a lion, and even a slice of pizza. I even found Waldo (of Where's Waldo? fame - I love his books!)

This was my first real official Trick-Or-Treating year since Mom and Dad didn't think I could handle it last year. Yeah, I'm shy around new people. I clam up. So this was a great exercise in meeting new people AND getting some candy in the process. I was nervous at first....

...But I got over it.

Especially when we stopped at a Mexican place on the way home and I checked out my stash. But I think Mom and Dad already stole some from my pumpkin. I pointed this out to them this morning, and they denied it. I noticed my Twizzlers (DAD) AND my Sweet Tarts (MOM) are missing... and those happen to be their favorites.