Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mom had yesterday off because she is working Tuesday through Saturday. It's made us all a little off schedule. And since I'm growing so fast, I've been REALLY hungry. I was munching all day. Then Dad came home. Mom kept feeding me because I told her to. Then she asked Dad to change my nappy. Then I noticed I didn't feel so good. She handed me to him, and, uh. Oops. I got sick all over him and the couch. I felt kinda bad, but I felt a lot better. Now they are washing the slipcover on the couch.
So, sorry I spewed on you, Dad.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How we are going to pay for college...

It was Mom's idea. If I had a credit card, I would buy this onesie from Wry Baby, but they don't let babies have credit cards.

Told you I love my car seat!

I'm about a month old in this picture. Nana thought it was funny how I get comfy in my car seat. I know Mom and Dad have a big crib for me to sleep in. They put my car seat in it so I understand the crib is for sleeping. But I feel funny when I'm sleeping on my back, and then I wake them up. I have moved from the car seat to the bouncer. Someday I'll sleep on my back in the crib... maybe.

Hey, that's me, a whole 3 months ago!!!

Tis' Moi, Mademoiselle Sadie! Nana is trying to teach me French since I'm spending some time with her. I'm still just making funny noises... not really English or French... just Sadie-talk. But I'm growing real fast. That's me, in my car seat as usual... but that was me coming home from the hospital! I was so tiny, Mom and Dad put a little blanket around my head since I didn't fit very well. It was only a 5 minute drive from the hospital. But they wanted me to get home safe and sound. I'm almost twice as big now! I think I'm about 11 pounds... but I won't see Dr. Sherri until next month. I'll be HUGE by then.


This is me when Poppy told me there was such a thing as CHOCOLATE milk. I don't know what chocolate is, but this whole formula thing is getting old.

Check out my toys!!!

I sleep a lot.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

So, you are my Dad's Dad's Dad... Hi.

Happy Father's Day!!!

That's me and my Great-Granddad. This was taken around Memorial Day... I'm chubbier now. I eat a lot. I was 2 months old when this was taken. Now I'm 3 months old.

I went out to brunch today with my Mom, Dad, Poppy, Nana, Grandma and Great-Granddad. I really know how to behave in restaurants. No yelling. No crying. And only a few noises so they know if I need my bottle or a changing. I know the rules and I try to stick to them. Unless I'm really uncomfortable and I need serious attention. But they usually take care of me pretty good.

Mom got through her first week back at work. But she really misses me, and I try to stay awake when she gets home. But I get so sleepy, and sometimes I'm a little cranky. She feeds me, burps me, and then we try to have some fun time. But like I said, I'm really tired by then and so is she. We are working it out. Dad is pretty wiped out too. He's not used to being with me ALL day. I'm not used to him either. We're working it out too. But we're a great family and we'll get through all these changes. When Mom and Dad are both tired, I hang out with Ed and we have fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dad is a bad influence...

I took his camera when he wasn't looking and took this one of me and my friend Ed. Actually, Ed's full name is Edison Jackson Bear IV. He's from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mom and Dad adopted him when they were on their honeymoon. That was before I was born... a long time ago. Anyhoosers... I tried to take this picture of me and Ed, and clearly it didn't go well. Ed looks good... but you can see up my nose! And you can see I've been fighting a cold. Sorry for the booger shot. I'm so embarrassed. But it's a funny picture! And Ed and I have a lot of fun together.

Daaaaaddd... you are so weird... but I love you.


Mom had to go back to work, so Dad is taking care of me all day. He's goofy and very very very different from Mom. He took the camera and decided to take this picture of us together. Isn't it funny? You can see why I call him Fuzzy Face.

Mom didn't want to go to work this morning. So Dad and I drove her to the train station and we'll be there to welcome her home. That should make her happier. I'm being good for Dad since he's new at being with me ALL day. I get special Mom-time when she gets home. Yay!

Monday, June 11, 2007

I've gained a little weight lately...

... check out my chubby cheeks. This was taken 2 weeks ago, and I was in my car seat. I love my car seat. I sleep in it, eat in it, sometimes I get a little sick in it... then I sit in my swing. We got back from Savannah last night. I spent A LOT of time in my car seat. But I slept in it for most of the drive. I think I'm going through another growth spurt. I'm eating a lot. I'm getting chubbier and Mom is getting skinnier. She's not happy because she's not getting skinny fast enough. I think she's silly. She made me, so who care's if she's got a little chub? I don't. Chub is cool. I should put that on a onesie.
-Sadie "Chubs" Angelica

P.S. Happy Birthday Grampa! I think it's funny you were as small as me a long long long time ago.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm in Savannah!

Sorry, no pictures this time. I'm using Grampa's computer. Mom and Dad are still sick and actually have fevers! They said they feel really hot. It's really hot down here, in Savannah. Mom says where I came from (Heaven), it was a comfy 72 degrees. Down here, it's like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. I have no idea what double hockey sticks means, but it's hot. And I want my bottle all of the time. Even at 2:00AM and 4:00AM, and sometimes at 5:00AM. I'd get it myself, but I can't. Dad doesn't look amused.