Sunday, June 17, 2007

So, you are my Dad's Dad's Dad... Hi.

Happy Father's Day!!!

That's me and my Great-Granddad. This was taken around Memorial Day... I'm chubbier now. I eat a lot. I was 2 months old when this was taken. Now I'm 3 months old.

I went out to brunch today with my Mom, Dad, Poppy, Nana, Grandma and Great-Granddad. I really know how to behave in restaurants. No yelling. No crying. And only a few noises so they know if I need my bottle or a changing. I know the rules and I try to stick to them. Unless I'm really uncomfortable and I need serious attention. But they usually take care of me pretty good.

Mom got through her first week back at work. But she really misses me, and I try to stay awake when she gets home. But I get so sleepy, and sometimes I'm a little cranky. She feeds me, burps me, and then we try to have some fun time. But like I said, I'm really tired by then and so is she. We are working it out. Dad is pretty wiped out too. He's not used to being with me ALL day. I'm not used to him either. We're working it out too. But we're a great family and we'll get through all these changes. When Mom and Dad are both tired, I hang out with Ed and we have fun.

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