Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up 2010 (Get it, wrap-up?)

I've been learning a lot about how to create a hypothesis on I find this scientific method fascinating and keep playing it over and over. So, I thought I would create my own experiment to see if Santa really came and visited on Christmas Eve.

First, I left cookies and apple cider for Santa. My hypothesis is that when I wake up on Christmas morning, there will be fewer cookies on the plate and less cider in the mug.

Then, I took a break to explain to my little sister Georgie who Santa is and what he does on Christmas Eve. She found it really interesting. Then we went outside and sprinkled some reindeer food - which includes oatmeal, cranberries, glitter, and a bit of magic. Mommy added some extra magic from her stash in the kitchen. Then we went to sleep.

Then I woke up at 4:45am to see if Santa had arrived, but Mommy wouldn't let me go into the other room. She insisted that if I left the bedroom, the gifts magically disappear. They only stay if I sleep a little while longer. So at 6:15am, I bugged her again, and she said it was okay to get up. But she didn't seem super thrilled. This is what I saw! I think Mom and Dad were expecting me to yell and scream and jump around. It was all so overwhelming, I just stood there and stared. Then Mom mentioned the plate and the mug, and went to check out if my hypothesis was right.

It was. My hypothesis was correct - and he even left a thank you note! And I got a dollhouse, and a jump rope, and some new food for Sadie's Diner, and a Strawberry Shortcake matching game, and Hello Kitty lip balm that tastes like marshmallows... and ......

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa,

I know we've had a bit of an odd relationship. I love you... I really do. But your beard kinda freaks me out. So when your postcard came, I wasn't sure I wanted Mom to read it to me. At the same time, I know you are a really great guy who does a lot of stuff for a lot of kids. And last year, you stopped by and left presents. And you even ate the cookies I left for you!

But I didn't see you. (For the record, I wear a nightgown now. Last year, I didn't bother.)

BUT, I still think you are pretty cool. So I always make sure to wave to you when I'm at the mall. And I was really surprised when you came driving down my street on the fire truck. (Sidenote: Could you turn down the sirens next time? The lights are pretty, but the noise is a bit much for my taste.)

Anyway, I hope it isn't too late to ask for something for Christmas. There's really only one thing I really want, and I'm willing to share it with my sister Georgina. I'd like real estate. Not like Mom and Dad have, but the kid kind. I'm looking for a 2 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath colonial dollhouse. I'll put it in a nice neighborhood. I promise. It doesn't have to be furnished - I'm looking to make it my own.

Thanks Santa! Can't wait to track you on NORAD this year!
SadieBug (Big Sister of Georgie Bee)

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Moon is Broken!!!!

I would like to point out to everyone something I noticed about 2 months ago. The Moon is broken. Yes, I know this may be shocking, but I pointed this out to Mom.

I pointed at the moon and told her very clearly, "The Moon is broken!!!!"
 She responded that she would notify NASA about it and get back to me. A few days later, she said she contacted them, and they said they've been trying to fix it for a long, long time. Apparently, it breaks all the time! It starts out big and round, and as the month goes on, it breaks off in pieces! Little bits each night fall off, and eventually there's nothing left. Then, NASA starts putting it together again piece by piece, until it's round. But then it starts all over again.

I'd hate to be the guy in charge of that project.

I'm a big fan of the Moon. I say goodnight to her every night. I even read the book to my little sister Georgie.

And in case you have never heard Goodnight, Moon... let me read it to you. (I had a cold at the time, so my voice is a little off.):

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My mixed feelings about preschool...

Halloween was insane at preschool! Everyone was dressed up. They threw out the schedule and the rules. And it was anarchy! So, I threw something across the room during the chaos. And it hit Lucie.

Lucie cried. I was sad. Miss Bridget made me apologize. I didn't want to. And never wanted to go to preschool again.

I told Dad. I told Mom. I am NOT going to preschool. They kept making me go.

Until this morning, when I put my foot down and wouldn't leave the car. I REFUSED to go. I even hid in each corner of the car so Dad couldn't reach me. Miss Bridget tried to get me out. Miss Shannon made an effort. I was NOT going to preschool.

Dad gave up, and we drove about 10 minutes. And then I thought, "But what if I miss something at preschool that would be really great?"

I told Dad I was ready to go to school. So he turned the car around and he led me into the room. And it's a good thing I went back. Because if I hadn't.... I wouldn't have an AWESOME Turkey Hat with my name on it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Round-Up!

Friday was the Halloween parade at preschool. We all got dressed up and showed off our outfits. I was a beautiful orange butterfly.

But I think Taylor had the best costume. I thought she should be careful if she should meet the Big Bad Wolf.  She looked yummy!

Georgie got dressed up too! She's a cute pumpkin... but I think the whole Halloween thing confused her.

Ellicott City was packed with people! I saw a lot of princesses, a banana, a chicken, a lion, and even a slice of pizza. I even found Waldo (of Where's Waldo? fame - I love his books!)

This was my first real official Trick-Or-Treating year since Mom and Dad didn't think I could handle it last year. Yeah, I'm shy around new people. I clam up. So this was a great exercise in meeting new people AND getting some candy in the process. I was nervous at first....

...But I got over it.

Especially when we stopped at a Mexican place on the way home and I checked out my stash. But I think Mom and Dad already stole some from my pumpkin. I pointed this out to them this morning, and they denied it. I noticed my Twizzlers (DAD) AND my Sweet Tarts (MOM) are missing... and those happen to be their favorites.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins and other fun stuff...

Mom is on a big corn maze kick. She found a list of all of the corn mazes in the area, and stated "We are going to go to as many as we can while I'm on maternity leave!!!"

We've been to 2 so far and are planning on another one this weekend. Mom is pretty happy about this.

Here's a little retrospective:

This is me picking out mini-pumpkins - one for each of us (even Georgina- who I have decided can stay with us. I was considering taking her back to the hospital.)

Daddy and I got a little silly with the corn.


I explored the pumpkin patch (but did not find The Great Pumpkin. Phooey!)  

And this is me on the bestest hill slide ever!!! (I made her go on it 10 times.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

*Sigh* I tried....

I've been looking for a new place to nap. This place, on Mom's old toy chest, did not work out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things I love about Preschool...

There are a few things I love about going to school. First, I love seeing my best friend Lucie. I miss her when it's the weekend and I don't have school. Second, I love the playground! The swings, the slide, the jungle gym - everybody should have a playground.

And third... I get to meet really cool people. This is a fireman. I learned he's a nice guy even though he wears a big scary outfit. I'm supposed to run TO him - not away from him. AND I also know to call 9-1-1 if there's an emergency. As you can see in this picture... I take this very, very seriously.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Me and My Sister...

About a month ago, I decided it was time that I should try holding Georgie, just like Mommy does. So I gave it a shot while Mom and Dad were close by in case I had a problem.
For the record, this kid is a bit heavy. And kinda on the big side.

Then I was thinking maybe this wasn't a good idea.

Then... I think she tooted.

Or possibly even more than a toot.

Yep, more than a toot.

But that's okay. She's my sister. And even though I mentioned to Mom last night (for the second time) that I thought we should go to the hospital to return Georgie - deep down I love my sister. Every time I come home from preschool, I check to make sure she's there and if she's awake. I say, "Hi Georgie!" and if she's crying I make sure to say, "It's okay. Don't cry, Georgie." Luckily, she doesn't cry much.  Actually, I probably yell more than she does. It's how I get my way... but Mom keeps saying that we are going to put an end to "that kind of behavior".

We'll see about that.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I love Mama and Papa!

I still watch Elmo a lot, but lately I've been loving the Berenstain Bears! They live in a treehouse in Bear Country, and I'm hoping Mom and Dad will consider this kind of house in our next move. I've also decided that I will no longer use "Mom" and "Dad" to refer to my parents. They are now Mama and Papa!

I told Mom the other day that she is just like Mama. Here's what it says about Mama on the Berenstain Bears website: Warm, wise and witty. She is president of the Bear Country Garden Club and is a champion quiltmaker. Mama's favorite recipe is honey cured salmon. The only real problem she has in life is Brother and Sister's messy, messy room.

Okay, maybe they aren't exactly alike...

But I told her that I think they look alike too. When I told Mom that, she decided she needed a makeover.

And I can't wait until Halloween! Maybe Mom and Dad can be Mama and Papa Berenstain. That would be so cool!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I went to the Dentist!!!

Mom had to go to the dentist to have some work done on her mouth. I've been really good about brushing my teeth and sometimes I remember to "Pa-Too" the toothpaste into the sink when I'm done. So, Mom and Miss Kim (her dental lady) thought they would check on my progress. I knew Miss Kim from Nana's real estate office because she does that too. Miss Kim is a real smart lady with lots of talents.

First, I got into the big chair. That was easy. Miss Kim lowered it down so I could get in and then she pushed a button and it went up like a special commander chair of a space ship.

Then, she turned on the light. It was really bright. I wasn't sure what to expect at this point.

Miss Kim asked me to open my mouth real wide. And she tried to see all my teeth and make sure everything was a-okay. It was. I try to brush the ones in the back as much as the ones in the front. I use a special Thomas the Train toothpaste that is tasty AND keep my teeth clean.
Because of all of my hard work... I got a special prize! This is me with my new special blue sparkly toothbrush. It's the perfect size for me. I also picked out a toothbrush for Mom. It's purple. And big. It's perfect for her big mouth. Wait... that didn't come out right.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This my friend Jerry... he's in a band.

Jerry has lived in my house my whole life. He's a groovy little dude with a big beard. My daddy said his music is really awesome, and we listen to it in the car all the time when we are driving to the library. But I thought all of you should meet Jerry too.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's been a very hot summer...

There have been days this year that were over 100 degrees!!! So, I figured out that if I tap dance over the air conditioning, it can keep me cool.

I get distracted sometimes, but I was also pointing out my awesome KISS Mr. Tater Head. It looks like he is holding a violin (but I know it's a guitar.) I haven't decided which instrument I want to play... I like guitars, violins, but I really like drums. But Mom isn't always a fan of my drumming. I like it loud.

I'm not used to having Georgie around...

I think Mom and Dad are trying to make sure that I'm okay with Georgina being around. She's fine. She sleeps most of the time. I sometimes give her a kiss on the head, but I'm a little scared of her. She's so little!

But I think Mom and Dad are making an extra effort in making me feel special. Mom spends a lot of time with Georgina -- feeding her, changing her, and for some reason she keeps smelling the top of Georgie's head.

So, Daddy gave me a Friday Night Bath and let me play for an extra long time. We had fun together and I splished and splashed. I need to remind Mommy to get more bubbles though. Here's a picture:

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm a Big Sister!!!!

Mommy went to the hospital on Thursday, and when I went to see her... she had a baby in her arms! I guess this is "Baby 2"... but is also known as Georgina Riley. She was born on August 12, 2010 at 10:49AM and is 20 inches long and 7 lbs 4 oz at St. Agnes Hospital. It's the same place my Daddy was born in 1977 and I was born in 2007.

Since I didn't know which way I was supposed to come out, the doctors got me out by doing something called a C-Section. So Georgina had to come out the same way. But that meant Mommy had to stay in the hospital until today. It was just me and Dad at home, and I got a cold and Dad just looked really, really tired.

When Mom and Georgina came home, they looked really tired too. So far, Georgie just sleeps a lot. And when she isn't sleeping, she's eating. But being her big sister, I want to make sure she gets off on the right foot. So, from this point on, I am going to help her with her blog as her editor. AND she is also an honorary member of the Balloon Fairy Unit.

I even have a video I'll post later of her with the hiccups! It's funny... but until then... here's Georgina's little blog project. Be nice, follow her blog and leave comments - she's new here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Music Break!

I've been listening to "Tall" by Milkshake a lot lately. But sometimes you need to find new tunes. So, I'm giving this one a try. It's from Barefoot Books. And I like the song's jazzy feel.

I've been a social butterfly lately...

... and for the record, Katie's 3rd Birthday Party was AWESOME! She had a Hello Kitty theme, and it was a nice smaller affair with (left to right) Katie, Alison (Katie's big sister), Lucie, Natalie, and me. (It was a smaller Balloon Fairy Unit meeting - but we are still recruiting. Tell your friends...)

We even played pin the bow on the Hello Kitty and I found my secret talent. Even when you blindfold me and spin me around, I got the bow right above her little kitty ear!

And see that cake? It was not only yummy, but cute too. But you want to know what's awesome about Katie's house?

This is her playhouse! It used to be her Mommy's but now she shares it with her sister. It's a one bedroom efficiency with an eat-in kitchen and shelf. It's perfect for tea parties, get togethers, and preschool gossip sessions.

I know the market is down right now, but Katie isn't planning on selling for a long, long time. I think it's an excellent investment. Plus, it has gorgeous curb appeal.

Then, yesterday I had a playdate with my friend, Jonah. He's a little younger than me, but Dad thought it might be good preparation for when Baby 2 gets here. I've been told that I'll need to be "sweet and gentle" with Baby 2. And also "patient". I just want Baby 2 to get here so I can sit on Mommy's lap again when she reads to me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best Party EVER!!!!

So, my bestest friend Lucie is turning 3, which is a pretty big milestone. Her brother's birthday is around the same time, so they had a joint birthday party two weekends ago. Mom and Dad were driving me to Lucie's house, and they were a little worried about finding it... but then Mom said, "Ummmm... it must be the one with the castle."

Oh Yeah! A Castle! A Big, Bouncy Castle with a Waterslide!!!!!

I have to say, I only went down the waterslide twice because I found it to be freakishly high. Mom said my eyeballs got HUGE both times. I swallowed my fear and went down, but after the second time I didn't feel like I had anything to prove to anyone. I proved to myself I could do it, and that was good enough for me.

But then, about halfway through the party, Lucie's brother Mitchell and his friends all got Batman capes. They were alright, I guess... but then... Lucie's mom, Miss Shannon, whipped out PINK Batgirl capes!!! How awesome! And then I thought, "This is the perfect uniform for my Balloon Fairy unit." You can see my group of recruits here. Lucie is my second in the command. (And the 4th kid with the Batgirl t-shirt.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby 2 Needs to Come Out of Mommy's Belly!!!

I keep saying that to her... and she always looks at me and says, "I know, but it's not time yet." Well, this kid better get here quick because there isn't enough room on Mommy's lap for me to sit and read with her. And she grunts everytime she gets up out of a chair or picks something up that I dropped.

This was her a few weeks ago.
We were in a rush to get out of the house, but Dad took a quick picture. She's bigger than this now. She's been helping me use the potty a lot lately since she's in there all the time. Something about Baby 2 using her bladder as a trampoline or something.

Then she took this picture while we were on the Eastern Shore during the 4th of July. She said that people need to see Baby 2 from her perspective. And she pointed out that she leaned forward a little bit so you could see her toes. Normally she can't see her toes. That's why she's been so hard on me lately to pick up my toys.

And yeah, Mom and Dad told me Baby 2 does have a name and we practice saying it outloud. But I'm not allowed to tell anyone until she's born. Not even Nana or Poppy.

I like the name. It's pretty.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Gigantic Bunnies are attacking...

... by using an inner heat shield that is creating 103 degree temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic region. I should've known they would do something like this! I'm taking ideas of how we can fix this little problem... and defeat the Gigantic Bunnies. Here's what I'm thinking....

I'll call up the Balloon Fairy unit and we will fill up our balloon baskets with ice cubes. We will also accumulate an arsenal of water balloons. Then we will float over the region and drop them. The ice cubes will melt on the way down, and people will be refreshed as we aim the water balloons for their heads. That's what I'm thinking.

FEMA has nothin' on me.

Other creative ideas can be left in the comment section below.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I am the Supreme Leader of the Universe (or at least, the Balloon Fairy unit)

Miss Maria, one of Mom's friends, had a dream about me and posted this on Mom's Facebook:

I have to share my dream with you. I was going to battle against the gigantic bunnies with my general (who was a plant sprout). I turned to call up the Balloon Fairy unit and discovered that the commander was Sadie. Her uniform was an oversized tshirt. I'm trying to figure out what all this means, but I'm sure that if ...Sadie was in charge of the unit then they must be a cunning and fierce fighting unit.

The fact is, I am the commander of the Balloon Fairies. You can see my uniform in that picture there. We are a tough little group. And when those gigantic bunnies get out of control, SOMEBODY has to do something - and it might as well be me. And there's nothing wrong with an oversized t-shirt uniform. They are just as good as dresses and they allow you to kick bootie when necessary.
And I know how to kick bootie. (This is me with my game face on. Bunnies hide when they see it.)

If you would like to apply to be part of my Balloon Fairy unit, please leave a comment and your special skills. We are looking for tough, imaginative people who speak Gigantic Bunny. This language skill is very important, and yet, very rare. We may overlook this if you are willing to share your applesauce and mandarin oranges, as these are my favorite snacks. I like lemonade too.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally, it's not so hot anymore!!!

I don't think hot weather is all that great. It makes my hair curls kinda funny, I get a little sluggish, and I love my blankie - but in hot weather, blankie feels pretty thick and heavy.

It's been 100 degrees lately! No really. I'm not making that up! Mom's train keeps breaking down because it's so hot. She keeps saying that some conductor is going to help her deliver Baby 2 on the side of the railroad tracks if this keeps happening. (I hope that doesn't happen. I want to be the first one to see Baby 2 - not some wacky conductor guy.)

But what's really weird is when it gets so hot, I see flowers, and ladybugs, and Elmos. Like in this picture. Elmo is a good guy, but this was just too much. Heat makes me goofy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I've been thinking...

... about Baby 2 a lot lately. (That's my old crib behind me with brand new bedding for Baby 2 - she gets a pink and chocolate brown theme.)

I think birthdays are an awesome thing, and I love to sing Happy Birthday to people and create birthday cakes out of my blocks. Then I have Mom and Dad blow out the imaginary candle. I used to be really excited about my friend Lucie's birthday party this summer, but now I'm thinking Baby 2's birthday is going to be WAY more exciting. Nothing against Lucie, but I've been waiting to meet Baby 2 for awhile.

At first, I was really nervous about it. I mean, being a big sister sounded really scary. And Mom is the youngest in her family, and Dad is an only child - so they didn't have ANY advice to give me. So I emailed Uncle Bryce. He's the oldest... then Uncle Eric... then Mom. He sent me a reassuring email after I asked him if I should be worried (and told him about my mad, awesome lacrosse skills I'm developing at the park.) This is what he wrote:

Dear Sadie,
I miss you, too! I hope you had a good time at the park today. If you practice really hard with your lacrosse stick, you might get to be as good as the people I saw on TV yesterday. They were college kids and could throw and catch the ball really well. I didn't see any of them throw the ball back over their shoulder, though. I'll bet that's really hard to do.

So you're worried about having a little sister, eh? I'm glad you asked, since I have some experience in this area. I have had a little sister (your Mommy) AND a little brother (that would be
Uncle Eric) for a very long time.

First of all, lots of things are going to change when the baby arrives. Until now, It's just been You, your Mommy and your Daddy living in the house together. They have been able to give you all their
attention and love. When the baby comes, Mommy and Daddy will have to spend A LOT of time with your new sister. Don't panic. This is normal. You're little sister is going to be really, really small and kind of helpless. Your Mommy and Daddy will have to pay attention to the baby and make sure she is fed and her diaper is changed and lots of other things. They need to make sure nothing bad happens to her. You see, babies are really needy and fragile creatures. Of course, you were just like her once. Remember when Mommy and Daddy weren't looking and you ate that battery? We don't want that to happen to your little sister, do you? I actually did something like that when I was little. When my mom (Grandma Nadine) and dad (Grandpa Bill) weren't watching me very closely, I opened the cabinet and spilled liquor all over the place and on myself. Liquor is a drink that is okay for grown ups but dangerous for kids. I sure wish I had a big sister or brother to tell me not to do that.

But now you're older and much smarter than that. In fact you are so smart now that your Mommy and Daddy are going to need your help with some things. You'll have to pick up your own toys and throw away your trash when you are done. You are going to have to be quiet sometimes so
the baby can sleep and mommy and daddy can get a little rest. The baby is going to take a lot of your parents' energy. Sometimes they might even need to rest when they normally would be watching you and playing with you. You'll just have to play quietly by yourself then. Of course, you will want to play with your new sister, but remember that she is not a toy.

There will be lots of new rules about the baby:"Don't poke your sister.""Don't yell at your sister.""Don't push your sister.""Don't wake your sister up."...and so on and so on.

So far it sounds like kind of a drag, right? I'll be honest with you, Sadie. Sometimes it really is kind of a bummer that you won't be the only kid in the house anymore.Trust me, though, it will be totally worth the hassle. First will be all the excitement of someone new being around. When your Mom was born, I was just a little older than you. I was so excited that I jumped up and down and yelled "JOY! JOY!," and that became her middle name for a long time. (She had to change it when she married your Daddy because "Stephanie Joy Joynes" sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?)

As she gets older and bigger, you can show her how to do all sorts of things. It can be lots of fun to teach her how to draw pictures, stack blocks and
look at books. It makes you feel good when someone learns something new because you taught them. You have the benefit of experience. Anything she does, you already did first. "Walking? That's easy. I can even run and throw a ball at the same time. Feeding myself? Please. Using the potty correctly? Almost there, but I'll definitely be there before the baby."It's is also really fun to make the baby laugh. You can gently tickle the baby or make funny faces and she will laugh with you. Now that's a good time! Once, I was making Uncle Eric laugh by running past the door to his room. I ran so fast one time that I forgot to stop. I accidentally ran into my bed and nearly broke my nose! Again, you and I do not have an older brother or sister to tell us not to do these silly things. Oh, well. At least Uncle Eric was laughing.

As you both grow up, you will find that you have an automatic
best friend. Soon you both can play together without mommy and daddy helping all the time. This will make the whole family happy. Your Mommy and Daddy are best friends, too, and sometimes they like to spend time together without your help. Someday when you are both older, you will still be friends. That's because she is family. Even when you get angry at her (and you will), she can't be far away. This makes it much easier to forgive her (or apologize to her) and be friends again.

But most of all, Sadie, remember this: Your Mommy and Daddy will always love you very, very much. Even when it seems like the baby is all they ever think or talk about, you will always be in their heart. You will always be special......because you were there FIRST! I hope this clears up any confusion and gets you excited to meet your new sister. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

With much love--
Uncle Bryce

Uncle Bryce always makes me feel better about stuff.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I wish I was a Tater Head...

I love my Mr. Tater Head... I even have one that looks like a member from KISS, cuz' I'm rockin' like that. But I heard that Mommy's friend Miss Jackie was having a problem. She was missing all the ears to her Tater Heads! I found this funny, because I had my ears, I just couldn't find the mouth!

There must be a secret place that all the Tater parts go when you aren't looking.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm preparing for Baby 2, sorta.

There's been a lot of talk about Baby 2 in our house. Mom and Dad keep reminding me about earning my stars because they want me to be really on the ball when Baby 2 arrives. From what I understand, this kid could be a bit high-maintenance. But I've decided on a different kind of experiment.

Mom tells me not to pull on the curtains, so I just walk by them an brush them with my hand as if to say, "Oh yeah? Watch me..." Then she yelled at me not to jump on the couch, or my bed, or her bed. So instead, I tried to jump higher. When Dad tells me to put my clothes on, I run in the opposite direction. I find this hysterically funny.

They, however, do not.

In fact, Mom threatened to take away my pony privileges this morning. AND she said she might take me to the mall so we can walk by the ponies and not even ride them. That got my attention.
Now I'm practicing how I'm going to take care of Baby 2 - as you can see in this picture with me and Dolly.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Last weekend I had the BEST time...

... at the carousel!!! I earned enough little stars by being good and well behaved that Mommy and Nana took me to the mall to ride the ponies. Of course, first we had to go to Babies R' Us to get some stuff for Baby 2 (who is making Mommy look really big!) But they let me sit with Big Bird for a little bit. Then they made me pose and smile... which sometimes I'm not in the mood. But I did, but I think you can tell I was faking it.

Then we went to the carousel and I got 10 rides! I split them between Nana and Mommy.

I find the ponies calming after a long week. I'm so busy taking care of Daddy all day.
But Mommy said that I can only ride the ponies if I'm good. And that means paying attention, putting away my toys, showing respect, and using the potty. I'm trying to think if the ponies are worth it... and I think they kinda are.

Dear People Who Spilled the Oil,

I just want to say as the future of the United States of America... I am NOT happy with you. And you know what? Even though Elmo is smiling in this picture... he's not happy either.

I saw the ocean when I was in Savannah, and it's really pretty. And I noticed a lot of birds there. Pretty birds. And they fly and then swoop down to the water. If there's oil there, they'll get stuck. And that's not good. I started thinking about it, and that's why I have this look on my face.

MY mommy said that if you spill something (whether it is milk or oil), you should clean it up. And she also said you shouldn't let it sit there, because milk can spoil and get icky... and I think the same thing can be said for oil.

If you like this photo- check out the PBS Kids app. I think it's funny. But oil spills are not. Booo!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Weddings and Babies and Stuff....

Last weekend I did everything I planned to do for Memorial Day. I got up early, poked Mommy, asked for food, and played around all day long. I even went to the park with Mommy, Daddy, Poppy, Nana, Cousin Debbie and Charlie, AND Cousin Larry (who really is my favorite.) But while I was running around playing lacrosse with Daddy, their friends were really busy too!

Miss Mindy was really busy having a baby. This is Haley Lynn. She was busy being born. Her daddy was busy taking pictures and being excited.

And this is Mommy's college roommate from Syracuse University (who normally has an excellent lacrosse team, but didn't do so good this year.)

Her name is Miss Raj-Ann. And she got MARRIED!!! Her dress doesn't look anything like Mommy's -- but I really like it. It's all colorful and sparkly! And I totally dig the jewelry. Way cool!

This weekend, I'm planning on being a good kid! Why? Because apparently Mommy has an app on her iPhone that measures if I've been good or not. And if I earn enough little stars on it, I get to go for a ride on the carousel! I love those ponies! I'm going out of my way to be good. I'll try not to spill my water, keep my toys in my Elmo bag, and make sure I'm on my best behavior. Smiling a lot helps.