Friday, December 26, 2008

Music Break!!!

I'm tall for my age. Every time I go to see Doctor Sherri, she says, "Yep, she's still in the 95th percentile." That means I'm taller than 95% of the other kids my age. Everyone says I should be a supermodel or a basketball player when I grow up. I wish I knew what I was doing to make myself so tall. Maybe it's the applesauce. Or the mac and cheese. I love mac and cheese.

But even though I'm really tall for my age... I'm still smaller than everyone else. So I have to hold Daddy's hand in the parking lot. I still need a highchair. And everyone expects for me to act like a big, bad 3 year old when I'm not even 2! It can be tough being small. My New Year's resolution is to just be me. I'm good at that. Oh, and this is the band Milkshake. You can find other cool tunes on Jitterbug: Music for Hip Kids.

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