Thursday, October 7, 2010

Me and My Sister...

About a month ago, I decided it was time that I should try holding Georgie, just like Mommy does. So I gave it a shot while Mom and Dad were close by in case I had a problem.
For the record, this kid is a bit heavy. And kinda on the big side.

Then I was thinking maybe this wasn't a good idea.

Then... I think she tooted.

Or possibly even more than a toot.

Yep, more than a toot.

But that's okay. She's my sister. And even though I mentioned to Mom last night (for the second time) that I thought we should go to the hospital to return Georgie - deep down I love my sister. Every time I come home from preschool, I check to make sure she's there and if she's awake. I say, "Hi Georgie!" and if she's crying I make sure to say, "It's okay. Don't cry, Georgie." Luckily, she doesn't cry much.  Actually, I probably yell more than she does. It's how I get my way... but Mom keeps saying that we are going to put an end to "that kind of behavior".

We'll see about that.

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