Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins and other fun stuff...

Mom is on a big corn maze kick. She found a list of all of the corn mazes in the area, and stated "We are going to go to as many as we can while I'm on maternity leave!!!"

We've been to 2 so far and are planning on another one this weekend. Mom is pretty happy about this.

Here's a little retrospective:

This is me picking out mini-pumpkins - one for each of us (even Georgina- who I have decided can stay with us. I was considering taking her back to the hospital.)

Daddy and I got a little silly with the corn.


I explored the pumpkin patch (but did not find The Great Pumpkin. Phooey!)  

And this is me on the bestest hill slide ever!!! (I made her go on it 10 times.)

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