Monday, April 20, 2009

I bring up Jeopardy a lot on this blog...

It's made several appearances on This, That and the Other Thing. And you might ask, "Why would a 2 year old little girl be so interested in Jeopardy?" Well, it actually started when I was really little. I'd get in a mood because I was tired, but then the Jeopardy theme would come on and I thought, "I really like that tune!" I even added it to my playlist, which you can see at the very end of this blog.

I like studying for Jeopardy time too. I'll get some books, flip through them and see what I can soak up.

The part I don't like is when I have to put all of my books back. That isn't so much fun. They can get a little heavy and awkward.

I learn a lot from Jeopardy. Like the Daily Double... whenever that comes on, I yell, "DOUBLE!" and it breaks up the monotony of whatever I'm doing at the moment (like playing with Daddy's Birkenstock shoe.)

I dunno, I just think Jeopardy is awesome!!!

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  1. Randomly found your blog, so cute! Our one yr old daughter knows the Jeopardy tune, too, as it is the cue for bathtime. We watch the show, then as soon as final Jeopardy is done it's time to take a bath and go to bed :) Hope some of the trivia stays in their little heads for use at a later date!


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