Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear People Who Spilled the Oil,

I just want to say as the future of the United States of America... I am NOT happy with you. And you know what? Even though Elmo is smiling in this picture... he's not happy either.

I saw the ocean when I was in Savannah, and it's really pretty. And I noticed a lot of birds there. Pretty birds. And they fly and then swoop down to the water. If there's oil there, they'll get stuck. And that's not good. I started thinking about it, and that's why I have this look on my face.

MY mommy said that if you spill something (whether it is milk or oil), you should clean it up. And she also said you shouldn't let it sit there, because milk can spoil and get icky... and I think the same thing can be said for oil.

If you like this photo- check out the PBS Kids app. I think it's funny. But oil spills are not. Booo!!!!

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