Friday, June 4, 2010

Weddings and Babies and Stuff....

Last weekend I did everything I planned to do for Memorial Day. I got up early, poked Mommy, asked for food, and played around all day long. I even went to the park with Mommy, Daddy, Poppy, Nana, Cousin Debbie and Charlie, AND Cousin Larry (who really is my favorite.) But while I was running around playing lacrosse with Daddy, their friends were really busy too!

Miss Mindy was really busy having a baby. This is Haley Lynn. She was busy being born. Her daddy was busy taking pictures and being excited.

And this is Mommy's college roommate from Syracuse University (who normally has an excellent lacrosse team, but didn't do so good this year.)

Her name is Miss Raj-Ann. And she got MARRIED!!! Her dress doesn't look anything like Mommy's -- but I really like it. It's all colorful and sparkly! And I totally dig the jewelry. Way cool!

This weekend, I'm planning on being a good kid! Why? Because apparently Mommy has an app on her iPhone that measures if I've been good or not. And if I earn enough little stars on it, I get to go for a ride on the carousel! I love those ponies! I'm going out of my way to be good. I'll try not to spill my water, keep my toys in my Elmo bag, and make sure I'm on my best behavior. Smiling a lot helps.

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