Friday, April 9, 2010

The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus make me nervous.

We don't see each other except once a year, so when I come face to face with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, I get a little scared. I want them to like me, and I want to like them. Plus, both of them give me stuff while I'm sleeping - so I try to make a good impression.

That puts a lot of pressure on a little kid.

When we first sat down at the restaurant, I scoped the place out for Mr. Bunny. But I didn't see him. Then I really thought about it. And big questions popped into my head.

Did the Easter Bunny have the same high expectations as Santa? Does he keep a list of who is good and who isn't? Had I really been good enough to earn candy and goodies? Then I started to get really worried. I thought about all the times I threw a Little Person across the room - particularly when it was Baby Jesus. And when I pulled off my Pull-Up without telling Daddy and hid it in another room. Then there was the time that I went into the refrigerator and pulled all of the packaged sliced cheese out of the little plastic covers, and left them for Mommy to find in strange corners of the family room. It occurred to me that I might be in real trouble when it comes to Mr. Bunny. And do Mr. Bunny and Santa talk? Because if they do....

Then I made eye contact with the Easter Bunny and he gave me some candy. That's when I realized we were cool.


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