Monday, December 22, 2008

I saw Santa!!!

We have a really great Volunteer Fire Department. Mommy said they know Santa really well, so every year, Santa makes a visit. She didn't tell me HOW he makes his visit. I was asleep last year, and I didn't know the whole story on this Santa guy.

Well, the Volunteer Fire Department gets in touch with Santa, and they get all of their trucks and then when it is really dark outside (around 7pm).... they LIGHT THEM UP AND HAVE A PARADE!!! They go up and down the streets making a whole lotta noise. So, we went to our front porch and waved. A fireman gave me a candy cane and Santa waved at me from on top of the fire truck. It was awesome. I'm such a lucky kid.

Dear Santa,

Thanks for stopping by. I like my candy cane. Mommy said not to play, wear, or eat any of my gifts until I send a thank you note. Thank you.


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