Friday, May 28, 2010


My plans for this holiday weekend are to wake up really early. Then, walk over to Mommy and Daddy, wake them up, and then play. I usually try to get up around 6:15am... but sometimes I'll make it to 7:00am on a weekend.

But this weekend I'm hoping to make the most of having Mommy at home instead of work. She's been moving kinda slow lately since Baby 2 is getting bigger in her belly. I keep telling her, "Baby 2 has to come out!" But it hasn't yet. Not for a little while longer.

Since she works a lot, I thought I would put our weekend plans into Corporate Agenda Form. I'm wondering how my performance plan will turn out.

Here is my agenda for the weekend:
6:15AM- Wake up
6:20AM- Laugh at my messed up hair
6:30AM- Poke Daddy and ask him for something to eat.
6:45AM- Poke Mommy and her for something to eat.
7:30AM- Put favorite "Don't Stop Believin'" Santa t-shirt in the wash because I spilled jam and some juice on it.
8:00AM- Play with Mr. Tater Head
Continue until I get hungry again.
12:00PM - Lunch!
1:00PM- Rest. But not nap. I'm getting too old for naps (I think.)
2:00PM- Play with Dolly, Elmo, and make some eggs in Sadie's Diner.
3:00PM- Poke Daddy for food again.
3:30PM- Make Mommy sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider Song" for the 16th time.
4:00PM- Practice lacrosse with Daddy with my "Fiddle Stix". (I'm good at the behind the shoulder throw. Dad was really impressed when I did this. Mom wasn't. I was inside and my ball almost hit the computer.)
And play with Mommy for the rest of the day until I fall asleep around 8:30PM.
That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it.

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