Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gender of Baby 2 Revealed!: Exclusive Interview with Mommy

It's time for some serious reporting. Mommy and Daddy went to the doctor yesterday to make sure Baby 2 was healthy and stuff. They took me with them because they thought I should see what's going on in Mommy's tummy and why it's gotten really fat lately. Daddy reminds me, "She's not fat, she's having a baby." All I know is there is less room for me on her lap and she eats A LOT! So I asked her for a follow-up interview, since it had been awhile since we talked about this issue in a very direct journalistic way.

Anyway, I thought serious reporting needed a seriously cool outfit. I put on my new yellow top from my birthday, brown pants, and my new yellow flip-flops (which are a little big, but I don't care. They are WAY cute!) Then I picked up Snuffy and Big Bird to coordinate with my outfit.

I put on my game face, and started drilling Mommy on some of the hard questions I've had lately.

Me: Why are you so fat?

Mommy: (Laughing) I'm not fat. Baby 2 is growing in my tummy and is getting bigger each day. But yes, I am eating a lot. I've gained 20 lbs so far, and with you - I gained about 65 lbs!

Me: I had an awesome birthday, but will I have to "share" my birthday with Baby 2?

Mommy: Nope. Baby 2 should be here in August, so your birthday is your special day, and Baby 2 has a separate birthday.

Me: There's been a lot of talk about whether Baby 2 is a boy or a girl. Either way, that still makes me a Big Sister. Right?

Mommy: Yes, you will be a Big Sister regardless of the baby's gender.

Me: So..... is it a boy or a girl?

Mommy: Do you really want to know?

Me: Yes!!!!

Mommy: It's a girl.

Me: Does that mean I'm being replaced?! I'm a girl! You already have a girl!!!

Mommy: You are NOT being replaced. You will have a little sister. That means you will be teaching her lots of things that you learned either from me, Daddy, or all on your own. Actually, you've learned a lot already that you get to share with her. Like how to count, the alphabet, who Elmo is, how to make friends...

Me: That sounds pretty cool. I can do that. And I guess I could share some of my toys.

Mommy: We were thinking you might be able to share your bedroom.

Me: Say WHAT!?!?!?

And with that, I fell off my flip-flops.

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