Friday, April 2, 2010

Everyone should have a Bunny Hat!

Don't you wish you had a bunny hat like mine? Yeah, you do! I made it during the Cotton TALES program at the Library. Get it?

Wait, I don't think you got the full viewing of my totally awesome hat! Check it out!

I'm so excited about Easter, even though I'm a little confused as to what it actually is. I've tried to figure it out over the past few years, but it still confuses me. Jelly beans and Jesus. I don't get it. I did see the Easter Bunny at the mall, but I found it weird to sit on his lap. It kind of creeped me out, so I just gave him a high five instead. Hope he still gives me candy.

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  1. Yes, yes I do want one of those hats, but I don't think I can carry it off as well as you, Sadie. And we're even more confused over at my house, what with the Passover thing, but the Easter stuff in school, and my kid asking if she can give out Easter presents (huh?) and with the big bunny at our mall too. We Jews never get big dressed up costume guys at the mall; no fair.


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