Saturday, March 22, 2008

So Mommy was telling me there is an Easter Bunny...

I was new last Easter. I was only about 2 weeks old, and I was still really wiped out from the trip, so the Easter Bunny left me Lucy the Lamb and skipped the basket since I wasn't up for it. But this year is the big year the Easter Bunny will swing by with some goodies. But I was a little confused. I might have misheard but the way I understood it was:

There is a big bunny named Easter who lays eggs made of chocolate and hides them, but he only does this when Jesus comes to town which isn't very often. Jesus loves playing hide and seek, and hid in a cave. Then there are a bunch of people named "dis-eye-pals" and they are looking for Jesus because he was hiding. But only two of his pals found them and won the game, and just out of coincidence they were both named Mary, which is where the poem Mary Had a Little Lamb originated.

They were really happy to find him because they had been looking since Friday and they didn't find him until Sunday. And they all were so happy they said, "GOOD! We finally found you, Jesus! We've been at this since Friday!" They must have been really strong because then they had to roll a huge rock away from the cave where Jesus was hiding and pushed it down a hill. Then his "pals" celebrate by throwing jelly beans at each other while dancing around pole to celebrate Spring. And that's why we go to church on Easter Sunday.

But that's how I heard it.

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