Monday, March 29, 2010

My little pet peeve about being 3 years old is...

... waiting around for Mom and Dad to get their act together so we can go to the B&O Railroad Museum. Jeez, how hard is it to get your stuff together, my stuff together, help me get my shoes on, argue with me about putting on a coat, AND get your car keys? *sigh*

But we had an awesome time celebrating my 3rd birthday. Check out my awesome t-shirt. Mommy got it for me. She thought it was appropriate for our museum visit. And I got my big pink Birthday Badge. I wore it all weekend so everyone knew it was MY special weekend.

I had a really yummy cake with all of my favorite Sesame Street characters on it, I got a bike (with training wheels) and a Snow White helmet, and I got the Little People SUV car! I practiced riding my bike at the elementary school playground. I'm hoping to pop wheelies one of these days.

Mommy says I get spoiled a lot, but all I know is that I got a lot of awesome presents (like blocks, a piggy bank, some clothes, a little train set....)

So, now I'm thinking of what I'll have on my cake when I'm 4 years old. Maybe a train. I like trains. But overall, I had a great birthday and am a happy kid for having such a great family. They even let me wear a winter hat when it's warm.

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  1. We love that museum. My kids asked us this weekend when they could go back and look at the trains. Glad Sadie had a great birthday.


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