Friday, June 25, 2010

I've been thinking...

... about Baby 2 a lot lately. (That's my old crib behind me with brand new bedding for Baby 2 - she gets a pink and chocolate brown theme.)

I think birthdays are an awesome thing, and I love to sing Happy Birthday to people and create birthday cakes out of my blocks. Then I have Mom and Dad blow out the imaginary candle. I used to be really excited about my friend Lucie's birthday party this summer, but now I'm thinking Baby 2's birthday is going to be WAY more exciting. Nothing against Lucie, but I've been waiting to meet Baby 2 for awhile.

At first, I was really nervous about it. I mean, being a big sister sounded really scary. And Mom is the youngest in her family, and Dad is an only child - so they didn't have ANY advice to give me. So I emailed Uncle Bryce. He's the oldest... then Uncle Eric... then Mom. He sent me a reassuring email after I asked him if I should be worried (and told him about my mad, awesome lacrosse skills I'm developing at the park.) This is what he wrote:

Dear Sadie,
I miss you, too! I hope you had a good time at the park today. If you practice really hard with your lacrosse stick, you might get to be as good as the people I saw on TV yesterday. They were college kids and could throw and catch the ball really well. I didn't see any of them throw the ball back over their shoulder, though. I'll bet that's really hard to do.

So you're worried about having a little sister, eh? I'm glad you asked, since I have some experience in this area. I have had a little sister (your Mommy) AND a little brother (that would be
Uncle Eric) for a very long time.

First of all, lots of things are going to change when the baby arrives. Until now, It's just been You, your Mommy and your Daddy living in the house together. They have been able to give you all their
attention and love. When the baby comes, Mommy and Daddy will have to spend A LOT of time with your new sister. Don't panic. This is normal. You're little sister is going to be really, really small and kind of helpless. Your Mommy and Daddy will have to pay attention to the baby and make sure she is fed and her diaper is changed and lots of other things. They need to make sure nothing bad happens to her. You see, babies are really needy and fragile creatures. Of course, you were just like her once. Remember when Mommy and Daddy weren't looking and you ate that battery? We don't want that to happen to your little sister, do you? I actually did something like that when I was little. When my mom (Grandma Nadine) and dad (Grandpa Bill) weren't watching me very closely, I opened the cabinet and spilled liquor all over the place and on myself. Liquor is a drink that is okay for grown ups but dangerous for kids. I sure wish I had a big sister or brother to tell me not to do that.

But now you're older and much smarter than that. In fact you are so smart now that your Mommy and Daddy are going to need your help with some things. You'll have to pick up your own toys and throw away your trash when you are done. You are going to have to be quiet sometimes so
the baby can sleep and mommy and daddy can get a little rest. The baby is going to take a lot of your parents' energy. Sometimes they might even need to rest when they normally would be watching you and playing with you. You'll just have to play quietly by yourself then. Of course, you will want to play with your new sister, but remember that she is not a toy.

There will be lots of new rules about the baby:"Don't poke your sister.""Don't yell at your sister.""Don't push your sister.""Don't wake your sister up."...and so on and so on.

So far it sounds like kind of a drag, right? I'll be honest with you, Sadie. Sometimes it really is kind of a bummer that you won't be the only kid in the house anymore.Trust me, though, it will be totally worth the hassle. First will be all the excitement of someone new being around. When your Mom was born, I was just a little older than you. I was so excited that I jumped up and down and yelled "JOY! JOY!," and that became her middle name for a long time. (She had to change it when she married your Daddy because "Stephanie Joy Joynes" sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?)

As she gets older and bigger, you can show her how to do all sorts of things. It can be lots of fun to teach her how to draw pictures, stack blocks and
look at books. It makes you feel good when someone learns something new because you taught them. You have the benefit of experience. Anything she does, you already did first. "Walking? That's easy. I can even run and throw a ball at the same time. Feeding myself? Please. Using the potty correctly? Almost there, but I'll definitely be there before the baby."It's is also really fun to make the baby laugh. You can gently tickle the baby or make funny faces and she will laugh with you. Now that's a good time! Once, I was making Uncle Eric laugh by running past the door to his room. I ran so fast one time that I forgot to stop. I accidentally ran into my bed and nearly broke my nose! Again, you and I do not have an older brother or sister to tell us not to do these silly things. Oh, well. At least Uncle Eric was laughing.

As you both grow up, you will find that you have an automatic
best friend. Soon you both can play together without mommy and daddy helping all the time. This will make the whole family happy. Your Mommy and Daddy are best friends, too, and sometimes they like to spend time together without your help. Someday when you are both older, you will still be friends. That's because she is family. Even when you get angry at her (and you will), she can't be far away. This makes it much easier to forgive her (or apologize to her) and be friends again.

But most of all, Sadie, remember this: Your Mommy and Daddy will always love you very, very much. Even when it seems like the baby is all they ever think or talk about, you will always be in their heart. You will always be special......because you were there FIRST! I hope this clears up any confusion and gets you excited to meet your new sister. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

With much love--
Uncle Bryce

Uncle Bryce always makes me feel better about stuff.

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