Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally, it's not so hot anymore!!!

I don't think hot weather is all that great. It makes my hair curls kinda funny, I get a little sluggish, and I love my blankie - but in hot weather, blankie feels pretty thick and heavy.

It's been 100 degrees lately! No really. I'm not making that up! Mom's train keeps breaking down because it's so hot. She keeps saying that some conductor is going to help her deliver Baby 2 on the side of the railroad tracks if this keeps happening. (I hope that doesn't happen. I want to be the first one to see Baby 2 - not some wacky conductor guy.)

But what's really weird is when it gets so hot, I see flowers, and ladybugs, and Elmos. Like in this picture. Elmo is a good guy, but this was just too much. Heat makes me goofy.

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