Friday, July 2, 2010

I am the Supreme Leader of the Universe (or at least, the Balloon Fairy unit)

Miss Maria, one of Mom's friends, had a dream about me and posted this on Mom's Facebook:

I have to share my dream with you. I was going to battle against the gigantic bunnies with my general (who was a plant sprout). I turned to call up the Balloon Fairy unit and discovered that the commander was Sadie. Her uniform was an oversized tshirt. I'm trying to figure out what all this means, but I'm sure that if ...Sadie was in charge of the unit then they must be a cunning and fierce fighting unit.

The fact is, I am the commander of the Balloon Fairies. You can see my uniform in that picture there. We are a tough little group. And when those gigantic bunnies get out of control, SOMEBODY has to do something - and it might as well be me. And there's nothing wrong with an oversized t-shirt uniform. They are just as good as dresses and they allow you to kick bootie when necessary.
And I know how to kick bootie. (This is me with my game face on. Bunnies hide when they see it.)

If you would like to apply to be part of my Balloon Fairy unit, please leave a comment and your special skills. We are looking for tough, imaginative people who speak Gigantic Bunny. This language skill is very important, and yet, very rare. We may overlook this if you are willing to share your applesauce and mandarin oranges, as these are my favorite snacks. I like lemonade too.

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  1. Sadie - Thanks for taking care of the Gigantic Bunnies for me! I can rest easy knowing that you are out there kicking butt and taking names. Miss Maria


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