Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Talk About Toddler Fight Club.

Remember when I told the story of how I got mad at Daddy for not letting me be barefoot and then I shook my stroller so badly that I tipped it sideways and fell on my face in the parking lot only 6 days from when we were having the family fly in from 3 different states for a nice family photo for my 2nd birthday? Well, this was the damage.

Mommy coated me in Neosporin for the week and Melanie B photoshopped the little leftovers out of my picture.

But Mommy sent a picture to Uncle Bryce, who replied the philosophy of Toddler Fight Club: You are not your Elmo Slippers... You are not your Baby Gap Khakis.
That's deep, Uncle Bryce.


  1. I will say she mended very quickly. But she saw the look on my face and gave me a big hug. She had shrugged it off by the time she got home. I have a feeling she's going to be a competitor in the X-games when she grows up.


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