Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It was an accident.

If you've been following this blog, you know I've had a bumpy ride into toddlerhood. I finally got that walking thing down, but while I was at Nana and Poppy's, I tried to jog and I ran into a door. You can see the result in this picture with the bump on my head.

But you all probably want to hear about my little adventure to the emergency room. Let me explain... Daddy and I were home alone and he was working. Mommy had found one of her old calculators and left it out, and I love stuff with buttons. I love playing with cell phones and tv remotes and Daddy's travel alarm clock. So I was playing with the calculator and I noticed this thingie on the back. I fiddled with it and poof! It came off. Then I found something inside! It was like a little treasure. So I took it out with my little fingers. It kind of looked like a pea except it was silver and shiny, and I wondered if it tasted better than a pea. So I put it in my mouth. Then I accidentally swallowed it. But I didn't tell Daddy because I didn't think it was a big deal. It didn't make me spew like peas do, and I didn't want to get in trouble.

So later that evening, we picked up Mommy at the train station like we always do. I was extra cheerful so they wouldn't notice I ate something I shouldn't have. But then Mommy found the calculator and the plastic back I picked off laying on the floor. I forgot to hide the evidence! Daddy looked all over for the battery and couldn't find it. They were on to me. So they looked up what to do online, and in my toddler book... and then called the doctor who told them to take me to the hospital.

I haven't been to the hospital since I was born! I was about to go to bed, but then I got to stay up late. They took off my jammies and put me in a little gown with koala bears in space ships. I thought that was weird. Panda bears in sailboats would have made way more sense. Anyway, we eventually went into the x-ray room. I was quiet and good... but they found it. It was floating around inside of me! Everyone was happy it wasn't stuck somewhere, but I still had to get it out of me.

So the doctor gave Mommy and Daddy some sort of laxative to put into my bottle. Then, yesterday, the little battery came out. Daddy found it. But the laxative didn't kick in until later that night. That wasn't fun. I got icky stuff all over my pack n' play, on my clothes, on Mommy's clothes, and then I had a bath. Then I spewed, and I got that yucky stuff all over my crib, on Mommy's clothes, and then they just wiped me off.

But I swear, it was an accident.

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