Friday, June 20, 2008

Y'all are so FUNNY!!!!

Everybody had lots and lots of jokes about my little oopsie on Monday. Yep, I was energized after eating the battery, and I kept going and going and going. And I know I should have been eating vitamins instead of batteries if I really needed a little energy. *sigh* Mommy recorded a message on my cell phone so whenever I push a button it says "I promise not to eat anymore batteries!"

Miss Solanki made me feel better by telling me she ate a screw when she was a little kid. Mommy almost passed out when she heard that and started looking all over the house for stuff that might look yummy.

So we all had a good laugh about it. That's me and Sergeant Uncle Eric. Those Army guys may seem serious most of the time... but we had a LOT of fun together when he visited me a few weeks ago. I'll put more of those photos up soon. He makes me giggle. A lot.

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