Monday, June 23, 2008

There are two things I'm lovin' right now...

Music and Dancing!!!!

Daddy and I listen to tunes in the car all the time, and Mommy usually puts on some mellow music before I go to bed. Right now I'm a big fan of David Tobocman. I mentioned him earlier in the blog with his awesome song, "Home". But you can hear his other songs here. Just click on the Album section and give The Jammies Song a try, or Gigi, My Pet Giraffe, or Buttons and Bows. Actually, I like all of the songs.

Well, when Uncle Eric was here, he took me aside and asked why I didn't have tunes on my blog. And I thought... "That's a really good question!" So, over the weekend, I started exploring my musical tastes. There's a lot of loud and angry music out there... and I don't really like that stuff. And I know Uncle Eric and Uncle Bryce are particularly picky and hope I have good taste as I get older. If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can push play and listen to some of my favorite tunes. It helps the day go along a little faster and happier.

Oh... and the onesie I'm wearing says "Cute as a..." and that's a picture of a ladybug. Mommy made it for me after what she calls a "crafty moment" at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I like it. Ladybugs are cool.

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