Friday, April 11, 2008

Ohmigosh!!!! Ohmigosh!!!!

I did it!!! Wooo hooo!!!
Okay... here's what happened. Last night Mommy and Daddy were watchin' tv and I decided to go in the kitchen. They have some shelves of stuff and I sometimes crawl over there and pull the stuff off the shelves, particularly the boxes of Jell-O. So, I scooted myself over there, and pulled myself up like I always do. And I hear,

"Sadie, come back, pumpkin..."

"Honey, get away from the shelf..."

I don't know why the spirit moved me... but I let go of the shelf, thought about going back to my crawling... but then I thought, "That's silly. Why don't I just WALK back?"

I let go of the shelf, turned to Mommy and Daddy and took three big steps. Well, the parentals were SO excited, they stood up and applauded for, like, ten minutes! Then I started clapping because they were clapping and then we were making a ton of noise together. Then I crawled back to my little piano. Maybe I try this walking thing more often. I feel so triumphant...

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