Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New lingo in the our house...

Mom and Dad have a new language for things that I do now. Here's a couple...

Dancin'!!!: When they hold me up and I try the whole walking thing. I'm not quite there, but I like the feeling of my feet hitting the floor.

Drool Bomb: It's coming out of my mouth and I can't stop it. It usually lands on Mom or Dad's shirt.

Dump Truck: I pooped.

We Got a Stinker!: I pooped really bad.

Faker: They thought I pooped... but I didn't! It was just a fart. Ha Ha!

Time for a baaaathhh....: I stink like old formula.

The Christening of the New Outfit: I spit up on it. Usually about 4 minutes after they put me in it.

The Exorcism: When I spit up with gusto.

Elephant Hunting: When I turn on my changing table to play with the elephants on my wallpaper border. It makes it hard for them to change my diaper, and my tushie gets a chance to air out.

Blind Changing: This is when Dad tries to change my diaper in the middle of the night without disturbing me, but then puts it on weird so there is a "surprise" in the morning.

"The Surprise": I pooped.

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