Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa,

I know we've had a bit of an odd relationship. I love you... I really do. But your beard kinda freaks me out. So when your postcard came, I wasn't sure I wanted Mom to read it to me. At the same time, I know you are a really great guy who does a lot of stuff for a lot of kids. And last year, you stopped by and left presents. And you even ate the cookies I left for you!

But I didn't see you. (For the record, I wear a nightgown now. Last year, I didn't bother.)

BUT, I still think you are pretty cool. So I always make sure to wave to you when I'm at the mall. And I was really surprised when you came driving down my street on the fire truck. (Sidenote: Could you turn down the sirens next time? The lights are pretty, but the noise is a bit much for my taste.)

Anyway, I hope it isn't too late to ask for something for Christmas. There's really only one thing I really want, and I'm willing to share it with my sister Georgina. I'd like real estate. Not like Mom and Dad have, but the kid kind. I'm looking for a 2 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath colonial dollhouse. I'll put it in a nice neighborhood. I promise. It doesn't have to be furnished - I'm looking to make it my own.

Thanks Santa! Can't wait to track you on NORAD this year!
SadieBug (Big Sister of Georgie Bee)

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