Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm preparing for Baby 2, sorta.

There's been a lot of talk about Baby 2 in our house. Mom and Dad keep reminding me about earning my stars because they want me to be really on the ball when Baby 2 arrives. From what I understand, this kid could be a bit high-maintenance. But I've decided on a different kind of experiment.

Mom tells me not to pull on the curtains, so I just walk by them an brush them with my hand as if to say, "Oh yeah? Watch me..." Then she yelled at me not to jump on the couch, or my bed, or her bed. So instead, I tried to jump higher. When Dad tells me to put my clothes on, I run in the opposite direction. I find this hysterically funny.

They, however, do not.

In fact, Mom threatened to take away my pony privileges this morning. AND she said she might take me to the mall so we can walk by the ponies and not even ride them. That got my attention.
Now I'm practicing how I'm going to take care of Baby 2 - as you can see in this picture with me and Dolly.

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