Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I've been a social butterfly lately...

... and for the record, Katie's 3rd Birthday Party was AWESOME! She had a Hello Kitty theme, and it was a nice smaller affair with (left to right) Katie, Alison (Katie's big sister), Lucie, Natalie, and me. (It was a smaller Balloon Fairy Unit meeting - but we are still recruiting. Tell your friends...)

We even played pin the bow on the Hello Kitty and I found my secret talent. Even when you blindfold me and spin me around, I got the bow right above her little kitty ear!

And see that cake? It was not only yummy, but cute too. But you want to know what's awesome about Katie's house?

This is her playhouse! It used to be her Mommy's but now she shares it with her sister. It's a one bedroom efficiency with an eat-in kitchen and shelf. It's perfect for tea parties, get togethers, and preschool gossip sessions.

I know the market is down right now, but Katie isn't planning on selling for a long, long time. I think it's an excellent investment. Plus, it has gorgeous curb appeal.

Then, yesterday I had a playdate with my friend, Jonah. He's a little younger than me, but Dad thought it might be good preparation for when Baby 2 gets here. I've been told that I'll need to be "sweet and gentle" with Baby 2. And also "patient". I just want Baby 2 to get here so I can sit on Mommy's lap again when she reads to me.

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