Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best Party EVER!!!!

So, my bestest friend Lucie is turning 3, which is a pretty big milestone. Her brother's birthday is around the same time, so they had a joint birthday party two weekends ago. Mom and Dad were driving me to Lucie's house, and they were a little worried about finding it... but then Mom said, "Ummmm... it must be the one with the castle."

Oh Yeah! A Castle! A Big, Bouncy Castle with a Waterslide!!!!!

I have to say, I only went down the waterslide twice because I found it to be freakishly high. Mom said my eyeballs got HUGE both times. I swallowed my fear and went down, but after the second time I didn't feel like I had anything to prove to anyone. I proved to myself I could do it, and that was good enough for me.

But then, about halfway through the party, Lucie's brother Mitchell and his friends all got Batman capes. They were alright, I guess... but then... Lucie's mom, Miss Shannon, whipped out PINK Batgirl capes!!! How awesome! And then I thought, "This is the perfect uniform for my Balloon Fairy unit." You can see my group of recruits here. Lucie is my second in the command. (And the 4th kid with the Batgirl t-shirt.)

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