Monday, June 11, 2007

I've gained a little weight lately...

... check out my chubby cheeks. This was taken 2 weeks ago, and I was in my car seat. I love my car seat. I sleep in it, eat in it, sometimes I get a little sick in it... then I sit in my swing. We got back from Savannah last night. I spent A LOT of time in my car seat. But I slept in it for most of the drive. I think I'm going through another growth spurt. I'm eating a lot. I'm getting chubbier and Mom is getting skinnier. She's not happy because she's not getting skinny fast enough. I think she's silly. She made me, so who care's if she's got a little chub? I don't. Chub is cool. I should put that on a onesie.
-Sadie "Chubs" Angelica

P.S. Happy Birthday Grampa! I think it's funny you were as small as me a long long long time ago.

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