Monday, December 1, 2008

You wanna know who's cool?

Canadians. They are pretty awesome. That's my Nainie and me when I was really, really little. She used to be Canadian, but then she magically became American. Mommy said this actually took a long time and a whole lotta paperwork.

Mommy also asked me to put this website on my blog because a lot of people would think it's really cool. It's called You Can't Do That on Television. Mommy said it was a Canadian tv show that she and my uncles used to watch all of the time when they were little. It had funny skits and people being slimed with green stuff. I've seen Mommy slimed, but it was after I threw up on her. I still hate peas. But I guess on this show being slimed is funny. Mommy didn't think it was funny when she got slimed.

So, today's thought: Canadians are awesome.

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