Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yeah, I voted (sorta).

This is the t-shirt my Uncle Bryce gave me awhile ago. Isn't it awesome? Mommy had me vote with Daddy to make sure he did it right. She wanted me to check that he voted for the right person. If he didn't, I was supposed to grab his red baseball hat and throw it on the ground. Mommy and I speak a secret code.

Sometimes they disagree on who to vote for, but there was no arguing in the house this time around. They call it "Dixie Chicks-ing" because it all started when a member of the Dixie Chicks said something nasty about Texas and Mom and Dad disagreed about whether the Chick should have done that or not. They argued about it for a long, long time. So whenever they disagree in politics... it's a Dixie Chick! One of them shouts it, and then the issue has to be dropped because they will never agree. It's funny to watch.

I also want to state one other thing: I'm still mad that toddlers aren't allowed to vote. It wasn't even on the ballot this time around! It better be next election day, or I'm going contact all my toddler friends and we are going to start a non-profit.

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