Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy had his tonsils out...

...and something called a deviated septum fixed in his nose. I would think this would be fun because he gets to eat popsicles, ice cream, and my favorite: YOGURT! (I call it Logurt, cause I like to be different.) But it turns out, Daddy feels really, really icky. He's sleepy from stuff the doctor gave him, and he doesn't want me anywhere near his nose. Plus, he sneezed earlier today, and he looked like he hurt himself really badly. Poor Daddy.

I spent a lot of time with Nana and Poppy at first when Daddy had his surgery. I wasn't really sure why I slept over their house for TWO whole days in a row. But then when I got back home, I noticed Daddy was a bit swollen, kinda bloody, and looked like he got into a fight with a big, tough gang of toddlers.

I'll be honest. I occasionally have moments where I just like to swat my parents in the face if I don't get my way. I guess this freaks Daddy out right now. He's been sleeping a lot so Mommy and I have been playing together. We've watched Sesame Street DVD's, she read some stories to me, and she gave me extra mac n' cheese to keep me quiet. I think Daddy is afraid that he'll wake up and see this:


  1. Oh you are so darling! I love reading things from your perspective. I hope your daddy feels better soon!

  2. Hopefully daddy feels better soon. Daddy sounds a little jacked up right now.hahaPopping in from SITS!

  3. How absolutely adorable! It's always scary when you wake up and see a big face at the end of your nose! Hope your dad feels better soon:)

  4. I hope your daddy feels better soon! Stopping in from SITS to say Hi!


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