Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sadie the Astronaut....

Mommy sometimes goes over to the National Air and Space Museum for work stuff, and she brings home cool things for me. She bought me Violet the Pilot and Sadie the Air Mail Pilot, and both are very, very good. I highly recommend them.

But I'm thinking of doing bigger and better things. Like, going to space and walking on the moon. A few months ago, Mommy actually met an astronaut named Alan Bean. He was the fourth guy to walk on the moon. He's an artist too, which makes him even more cool. I also think Buzz Aldrin is pretty neat. I like his name.


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  1. I think the incredibly precocious Sadiebug should definitely become an astronaut. I mean, Buzz is a fun name, but Sadiebug in Space?! Fan-friggin-tastic. Dontcha think?


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