Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally... a video of ME!!!

Mommy got an iPhone for her birthday and she started taking video of me. This is when we were dropping her off at the train the other day. I had a busy day planned, but then Dad wanted to sing Skidamarinky-doo to me. I love my Daddy, but Mom sings it better. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, if you watch this video, you'll see how I feel about Daddy's singing. I love the guy, and he's great with lots of other things - like making me laugh, and being patient with me even when I'm not patient with him. But as for his singing...


  1. Hysterical. I love how she looks at you to "stop the madness"...uh, mom...mom...MOM?! (implicit thought: oh, make it stop, please?)

    I didn't think he was too bad, although I may be protecting my own feelings because I'm the woeful singer in our family and everyone knows it.

    Thank you for finding me through SITS; I'm esp. grateful because BOTH of your blogs sem lovely and I am looking forward to browsing through the posts. Sadiebug is punishingly cute and has such an expressive little face.

  2. Just thought you should know if we're going to be friends: I write "sem" when I clearly mean "seem". Hope this won't be too much to overlook.

  3. Poor Sadie! Poor Daddy too. Jack and Emmy often tell me to stop singing as well. I'm really not that good, so I can sympathize with your Dad. We're just trying to bond and have some fun. Don't get too upset with us please.
    Sounds like you had a fun day visiting everyone. I wish we lived closer so that you and Jack could visit during the day. It'd be fun! We will definitely have to meet up someday soon, I miss your Mom!

  4. Oh, I just gave you an award, so come on over and grab it.

  5. Oh i LOVE my iphone!!!

    PS Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

  6. She did NOT like that at all, did she? My friend watched my son one time and tried to sing him to sleep, she said it sparked a hysterical fit with him covering his ears! Kids are honest, huh?

  7. I'm clearing late in watching this, but that was so adorable! Poor Charlie! He sounded much more on key and tempo than I fear I could do... too adorable!


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