Monday, October 5, 2009

I want my Pack n' Play back!!!!!

I went to the book exchange yesterday with Daddy and when I came home, it was GONE! I love my Pack n' Play. It's where I sleep. Why do I sleep there? Well, it all started when I'd spew a lot. It was the back-up to my crib. So when Mommy and Daddy would be cleaning up my crib, I would go back to sleep in my Pack n' Play. The added bonus was that I could hear Mom and Dad chit chat while I was going to sleep. It was fun to listen in on their conversations.

But then my crib magically turned into a big girl bed one day. But I didn't want to sleep in that room. I liked being in the family room with Mom and Dad. But Mom kept talking about going to sleep in my big girl bed but I told her, "I says NO!" and I meant it.

Well, then weird stuff started happening. I would go to sleep in my Pack n' Play and magically wake up in my big girl bed. What's up with that? How did I get there? I was confused.

But then, my Pack n' Play totally DISAPPEARED on Sunday! Last night, proving to Mom and Dad that I did NOT want to sleep in my bed.... I slept on the floor. We got my sleeping bag and my Ladybuggie pillow and I slept in front of my big girl bed. Then to make sure Mom and Dad understood how unhappy I was about our current situation, I woke up at Midnight and 3AM and yelled because it was dark and I was NOT. IN. MY. PACK N' PLAY.

Let's see how long they can handle my midnight chaos. I may just crawl into their bed and kick them over and over again.

This is me in my happier days:


  1. Growing up isn't always easy! :)

    Popping in from Twitter to let you know about my new movie about a Mommy Blogger! Follow me there for chances to win tickets, prizes and more!"

  2. Wow, I remember days (or nights) like that. Darling Daughter never reacted well to change initially - but when she figured out the change was here to stay and I wasn't going to give in, she eventually came around. Hope Sadie does, too. Sooner rather than later!

    I love the picture of Sadie with her blankie over her nose - Darling Daughter did that with her blankie, too. She even has a special corner (it's so ratty now, it's disintegrating before our eyes) that she sticks under her nose to sniff!

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  3. I love the "weird stuff started happening" paragraph. Hope I'm correct in assuming that Sadie is doing better or has at least made her peace with the big girl bed.


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