Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is how we do it....

I might have been a little harsh on Daddy's singing on my previous blog entry. It's just that Skin-A-Marinky-Doo is a classic in my opinion, and his interpretation didn't float my boat.

Since I've started preschool, I've learned even more songs. I've always been a fan of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, but it is much better in a group setting. And the choreography is awesome!

But Mom mentioned this new CD that we are probably going to get called Go Waggaloo! It's by some lady named Sarah Lee Guthrie. Her dad's name is Arlo and her Grandpa's name is Woody. Apparently they are really famous and as Mom put it, "Part of an American Legacy". Whatever. I like their tunes. They sound like a lot of fun. As they put it, they make music that "doesn't make you want to jump out of a mini-van."

This is a photo of Sophie Irion, Sarah Lee's daughter, recording for Smithsonian Folkways. I wonder if Daddy will let me build a recording studio in the basement. I would sing barefoot too.


  1. Had to stop by after laughing at your 'fat people crying' comment on last blog, too true. too funny. Hi from a SITStah...

  2. That is adorable. Sadiebug...love that too.. just stopping by from SITS to say Hi, hope you'll do the same.


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