Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ocean is very big....

And I am very small.

I've been so busy finishing up the year at preschool I haven't had a chance to post my goodies from my trip to Savannah. One of the highlights was seeing The Ocean for the first time. My Mom kept talking about The Ocean and I've been reading a book about it since I was really little. It talks about sand, and waves, and seagulls.

So I put on a pretty sundress for the event and we headed out to Tybee Island. And then I saw it. The Ocean is really big. I mean, super huge!!! I thought it was going to be like a big bathtub or maybe like when I was at the Aquarium, but no, it was way, WAY bigger than that. And you sink into the sand on the beach too. Mommy was nice enough to carry me towards the water because I thought I was going to get sucked into the center of the Earth.

Then, when we reached the water, the waves kept coming to get me! Nobody mentioned this part. Just when I thought it was safe, it tried to grab me again. Uncle Eric tried to make me feel better about it by dancing a little in the water, but I ended up running the other way. *Blush*

Here's a video of my first Ocean experience.

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