Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Mama's for Obama!

I can't vote for another 17 years or so. They don't let babies have the vote... yet. But Dad keeps bugging Mom about who she's going to vote for tonight. The thing is, when they were registering to vote, Dad signed up to be a Republican. Then Mom signed up to be a Democrat in case she needed to cancel out his vote.

I'm an Independent.

Anyway, Dad wanted to know who she was going to vote for, which really isn't anybody's business. But the more she thought about it (and we talked about it a lot while she was trying to put me to bed) the more she kinda liked Obama. But then she felt bad 'cause she wants me to know that if I wanna be President of the United States someday, that I can do that.
So, she made it really clear that even though she's voting for Obama... she hopes there's a woman in the White House someday.

Oh, and you can get that infant t-shirt here.

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