Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My views on shoes....

I know some babies LOVE their new shoes. But I sorta like them, and I sorta don't. I like having one on my left foot, but not on my right. So, when I have a chance and Mom and Dad aren't looking, I take my right shoe off (it has velcro) and then I whip off my sock.

I've noticed Mom and Dad get a little annoyed when I do this. One day, I really didn't need that right shoe and I was sitting in my car seat while Daddy was driving. I just threw it. I didn't mean for it to go over the front car seat and hit the windshield, it just sorta happened that way. It surprised Daddy a bit.

Anyway, eventually Mommy and Daddy are going to get me more shoes. And I'll need a place to put them. I thought this was pretty cool. I particularly like those pink Converse sneakers on the left. But the storage would be nice because sometimes I hide my shoes from Mom and Dad. In different rooms. It makes mornings more interesting.

Here's the review from Thingamababy.com. It's a blog by a daddy who is a lot like my Daddy

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