Monday, May 12, 2008


I guess you can tell by now that when I have a *sigh* moment, I'm having a rough time being a kid. I've offically hit what Mommy and Daddy call "Toddlerhood". Last night, it was raining really hard. And I was all out of sorts. So, I wanted to cuddle up with Mommy. Well, that was fine for awhile, then I went back to my crib. But then I still didn't feel good. So I called for Mommy again. And then I threw up on her.

*sigh* Then Daddy took me to the Ducky bathtub so I could wash up. But after a bath, I'm always a bit wired. But I was tired at the same time. So, Mommy cuddled with me again for awhile after she put all my yucky clothes and sheets in the washer. It wasn't how I planned Mommy's Day to go, but when I don't feel well, I spew. I felt a lot better after I spewed, but still... spewing is not fun.

So, I went online and found a song that expressed how I felt. Sure, being a kid has a whole lotta "up" moments... but I get down too just like everyone else. This is a brief clip from the Langley Schools Music Project, 1976-1977. I couldn't find one with the whole song... so sorry it cuts off.

I'll perk up soon... after I cuddle with Edison Jackson Bear, IV for awhile.

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  1. It's okay, Sadie, everybody gets down once in awhile. I know you didn't mean to throw up on me, and we'll get your blanket out of the wash as soon as I get home. I did enjoy our cuddle time on Mommy Day. Can't wait to see you when I get home from work.


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