Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanna see me do somethin' cool?

Well, I thought it was cool. Mommy... not so much.

Apparently walking is okay. Jogging is okay, as long as I don't run into stuff. But climbing is a no-no. But I really like climbing I guess I'll do it when she isn't looking. For the record... Daddy doesn't like me climbing either.

I also can't eat crayons, stick them up my nose, eat stuff other than mashed up food, throw toys out of my pack n' play, or rip up books and eat the paper.

I am allowed to look cute, smile a lot, laugh (I do that a lot and people seem to like it), take my shoes off if they are really bothering me (I do that a lot too), and practice my words. Mommy says to "use my words". I'm trying, but words like owl sound "ahwool" and then I add an "la ya la" at the end. I tend to point at things a lot and say "ah-dada". This confuses Daddy.

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